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"Our desire is to see you revived to the truth of who you are in Christ. We want to see you living in the fullness of the power of the cross."

-Nate + Christy


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Want to go deeper in God?

Embark on the adventure of one of our well known workshops, - designed unlike a lecture, but uniquely as a personal, interactive adventure with the Holy Spirit into the heart of God.


Easy. Effective. AfFordable.

Journey from the comfort of your own home, workplace or wherever you are. All you need is a computer or hand held device and you can learn at your own pace, stream our videos and walk through practical, guided lessons and exercises, created for you to grow deeper in your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Plus, all our workshops are now at an all time low cost, never to go higher again. 

Join other students from around the world

With over 1750 thriving students and more signing on daily, you are free to interact and ask questions within the workshop platform. Ask for prayer, advice or share some encouragement to others walking out their own adventures.

*New* Exclusive Facebook Group Community launching late September '17. Get to know others from around the world and grow in your journey together.



Choose your own adventure

With five varying and exciting journeys to walk through, you get to choose where and how to start. Maybe you want to grow deeper in the revelation of your identity in Christ and also learn how to hear God deeper? Or maybe you need the Holy Spirit to walk you through soul healing and then learn how to walk in your spiritual authority. Whatever your desire, each of our workshops are uniquely designed to help you grow in specific areas in your walk with Jesus. 

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