Years ago the Lord called us to do something unconventional and by outward appearances, it seemed like a terrible decision to make for our family. In obedience we said "Yes Lord" and followed His leading which then drew us into a wilderness and season of isolation. For months and months I felt like we had failed, I felt raw, void, and frustrated even though we knew it was the Lord speaking loud and clear.

Then as time went on something happened. Dreams started coming alive in a way we had never seen before. What we didn't expect was that this seemingly barren place turned into the most fruitful as God stripped and removed old mindsets and "debris" and began to remind us of the dreams we had forgotten about and had become too busy for. Many times when God calls you into a SHIFT He will ask you to do something out of the box, something risky, something unusual, but as you follow him into the unknown the purpose begins to get clearer.

I have written so much about transition but everywhere I look I still see people in the middle of their own transition, walking around discouraged and feeling abandoned by God. They followed His leading but feel shipwrecked, they have moved at the sound of His voice but feel like now He is silent.

Many times the wilderness is the very place God uses to incubate and nurture the greatest dreams of our lives. It may look like the complete opposite, it may be as far removed from what you imagined, but it is the environment that is used to MULTIPLY you and prepare you for launch.

When Joseph was thrown into prison it says that the Lord was with him and he had favor. God used him to interpret the dreams of others which was then the catalyst for his own release, promotion, and fulfilment of his dreams!

Your transition season is not a time of wasting and wandering aimlessly. God is working intentionally on your behalf to disengage you from the past, heal and restore you, equip you, prepare you, and refuel you for the road ahead! Maybe like Joseph you have more answers for others but can't see where you are headed, but you watch as God moves you from that place of obscurity to fresh vision and the realisation of your dreams.

Here are some keys to help you stay focussed on your dream and purpose in a season that God is moving from one place, activity, assignment, and season to another.

1. Stay in his presence.. worship is the compass of your warship that moves you forward in unknown seas even when you can't see. In his presence you stay in step with Him. 
2. Remind yourself daily of the dreams and promises over your life.. Celebrate them, thank God in advance for what is to come. 
3. Surrender to the process. The Israelites drew out their process to 40 years when it didn't need to take that long! When God is breaking your "Egypt" mindset you need to give him permission and access to do what he needs to do. It's an upgrade so let him do it!
4. Don't fall by the wayside in the waiting. Many times in waiting we give up and shut up shop. Be like Joseph and help others find their answers. Keep yourself stirred and alive! 
5. SPEAK! In the dark you need to speak and declare the sunrise.. use this place to prophesy and you will see God shine His light on your steps. 
6. God will begin to speak to you in ways you haven't heard him before. Maybe you aren't hearing him like you used to but your dreams are very active. Pay attention to them and allow the new revelation to flow! 
7. Know that God hasn't forgotten you, this is a launching season so get ready get ready get ready!

Nate Johnston