I had a dream in late November that I was standing at a train station waiting eagerly for my train to arrive. I had my suitcase next to me, ticket in my hand and I felt such a wave of excitement for the adventure that was ahead. When I woke the Lord told me that the “train of revival” was coming. This dream reminded me of another dream I had in early 2016 of an ancient train screaming through a tunnel carrying a flood with it.

We have always associated the word "revival" with a spiritual event and I do believe we are right now in the beginning of a powerful move of God which is sprouting up in different places around the world, but in this dream He was speaking to me about a few specific areas he wants to revive this month.

Revival also means a comeback, restoration, resurrection, resuscitation, relaunch, regeneration, revitalization, awakening, and rebirth.


In 2016 the enemy has tried to do everything he could to destroy families, bringing them under assault with sickness, strife and division, accusation, robbing sleep and rest, fear and anxiety, and destiny assassination, but the train of revival is coming to restore and mend what has been taken and to pour out joy for mourning and sorrow. True revival starts in the home, it doesn’t work against the home, and the foxes have tried and tried to steal hope and the dreams of Gods people but this month I see celebration coming into homes. God is reconciling relationships and binding up the strongholds that have created warzones where God has promised peace.


God said to me that this train was also the train of revival coming to those who have been in waiting. God is renewing the hopes and dreams of those that have still been waiting for them to manifest, and helping disillusioned believers coming "on-board" with the new thing God is releasing right now. I believe God is saying its a time of rebirth for those old dreams he placed in that have not yet come to pass. In this dream I didn't feel discouragement or weariness from being waiting, i actually felt a new hope and passion, and could even feel the excitement of the Father over what many were about to embark on. I believe right now the Lord is saying "pick it up again" to those promises that fell by the wayside. 

A while ago the Lord showed me a vision of a burial ground and people around mourning, but I couldn't see any graves, only the most amazing flowers blooming everywhere. Maybe you have felt like you are in mourning over your dreams and where you are at. I could hear some of the thoughts of the people walking in this burial ground, such as "I thought it would have happened by now" and "I missed it and won't have another chance again".  Your doors of destiny haven't expired, you haven't missed it, it's not too late.. The timing is perfect and it's time to resurrect what you once had passion for. 

He is reviving your expectation, your hope, your joy, and reminding you of the PROMISES over your life that He is yet to bring to pass.


This month I believe we have a divine opportunity to sow into into the year to come. The two areas I heard the Lord say to me were the ticket to boarding this train was "thankfulness" and "praise". I was reminded of the story of Paul and Silas.

"And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them, and suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one's bands were loosed" - Acts 16:25-26

There is something powerful about praising God in the storm or the prison that activates the power of God to break you free from the chains around your feet. Many people have been imprisoned for far too long and this month God is breaking YOU OUT!

I prophesy that you are finishing this year stirred and invigorated with new HOPE and PASSION, that as you leave the cycle of rehearsing the hang-ups of the past, the pain and defeat, and enter thankfulness, that you will leave every scrap of the wilderness behind and embark on the adventure your heart once held. 

I prophesy that YOUR train of revival is coming to you in Jesus name!


Nate Johnston