Take back your ground

I prophesy that this is your hour of recompense! God is taking you from dream depreciation into rapid recovery, and habitual hope! Don't shrink back but press into his promise over you. 

I keep hearing this morning that he is restoring the "disenfranchised" back into positions of prominence and power. Where people have lost the ground beneath their feet, their missions stolen, their destinies diverted, he is restoring them back.

Particularly I see people who have been in ministry that burnt out and dove head first into discouragement and disowned themselves from the Kingdom. It's time to come back to your rightful place. You are coming back with a fire, with a unbreakable, unstoppable message of hope for the disqualified.

Use your tongue as a sword today and order your day, bring the rubble of your life into alignment with his heart over you, and TAKE BACK what has been stolen from you!

Nate Johnston