"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland" Isaiah 43:19

The greatest struggle we have when God transitions us is detaching from the old and accepting the new, however the greatest fruit always comes through constant surrender. I pray this word encourages you to recognise that God is doing something significant in your life and yes it may require you to detach from the old and pick up the new. It may require you to lay down what was and say yes to what is now. As you do I believe God will stir you, reignite you, and lead you through new doors you didn't imagine He even had waiting for you.


For the past two weeks the Lord has spoken to me about a birthing season coming upon us of things we have not seen or experienced yet in the body of Christ. Specifically He has highlighted the pioneers, those that would dare to be vessels of kingdom ingenuity and "bring forth" that which will be catalysts and lead the church into exponential increase. This is the moment that reformers will truly experience that which they have only seen in the spirit.

I asked the Lord what the purpose and significance of what was going to be released and unveiled was and I kept hearing the word "Breaker" in my Spirit.

"The One who breaks open the way will go up before them; they will break through the gate and go out. Their King will pass through before them, the LORD at their head." Micah 2:13

The Hebrew word breaker or "parats" means breakthrough, a breaking forth, overflow, spreading wide, and prosperous, which instantly spoke to me of the nature of what would be made known and birthed as we came into the new Jewish year of 5778. What you are carrying contains the DNA and prophetic potential to be breakers for the bride!

The year 5777 was a year of advancement through continual warfaring and pushing back against the resistance the enemy was trying to impose, and while we will still need to be in the stance of being armed and pushing forward, I believe the year 5778 is a year of birthing the new and BREAKING through previously locked and hidden doors into a season of innovation, creativity, and revelation that will unleash a new sound throughout the earth.


There is a sound that this fresh birthing from heaven is releasing and it is a sound that is needed to carry the body of Christ forward. A few weeks ago a spontaneous song came out during worship where I was simply singing; "Your goodness revives me, your goodness transforms me, your goodness aligns me with your love" Then the Lord said "My goodness is the soundtrack of this season!

The flavour and sound of what heaven is releasing is the overwhelming and inescapable knowledge of the goodness of God that will flood nations with the knowledge of His love and lead countless people to Jesus. While people are looking for a new style of worship music, a new way to produce and mix a song, God is saying that the sound that will cause the world to stop and listen is not the style but the frequency of Gods GRACE & GOODNESS!

You'll know the sound of heaven when you hear it, It won't be the voice of judgement, fear, or intimidation, but the sound that embodies and transports the heart of the Father to the world.


The warning of this season was shown to me in a pictorial vision of a road that was merging in one part but divided in another. I understood that we have the opportunity right now in the body of Christ in crisis, famine, victory, and feast to either merge and unite, or branch away and divide. The spirit of confusion has tried to cause endless chaos to cause believers to divide and sever ties with others, falling into deception, insecurity, and disorientation. Diversions will not only cost you time but may also abort the dream inside of you. Protect what you carry at all costs!

God is no doubt challenging mindsets, targeting areas of the heart that aren't fully immersed in the love of the Father, but as he moves over us we have the opportunity to merge and surrender, allowing access for Him to heal and align places in us that have been under the influence of a lie.


The night our youngest daughter Sophie was born there were so many women arriving in labour that there was just not enough midwives to match, so Christy sat in the waiting room hoping to be taken to the proper birthing suite. Fortunately after many hours of waiting and not sure of the outcome, we called our friend and midwife who drove from a few hours away just to be with us and took us to the birthing suite where Sophie was born.

This week I was reminded of this because as many begin to feel the contractions starting there are three key I believe we need to be aware of that will ensure you "bring forth" what God has placed in you in this season.

1. Right timing. Don't head to the hospital too soon, false labor can cause you to feel like it's time when it isn't. Allow God to lead you and avoid rushing or pushing too soon.

2. Right place. Many either give up in the waiting room because it feels like nothing is opening up to them, or give birth in the wrong place. Make sure where you birth is where God wants it to be, surrounded by those who can speak into it and nurture it.

3. Call the midwife. You need Holy Spirit more than ever in this season of birthing but I also believe God has called others around you to be those birthing partners and coaches to guide in your destiny. The right alignments are key and God may be shifting unhealthy ties to make room for the right influences.

This is a season where your womb will LEAP with hope and expectation and lead you into the place of birthing and seeing the realization of your long awaited dreams. I pray for those NEW THINGS to come forth, the UNUSUAL, new before seen, the ingenious, the out of the box, and REMARKABLE, in Jesus name!

Nate Johnston