I want to share a very personal experience with the Lord I had recently where He showed me the heart cry of the Bride and how we are being poised and positioned for the greatest revival by going deeper into his heart. I believe God is targeting the very heart and core of the Bride right now and transforming her into a church of great love and power.

When Bob Jones passed away on Valentines day of 2014 I felt that God was bringing the body of Christ into surgery and dealing with so many areas that were not in health and wholeness. Since then we have seen God break so many areas of bondage and expose major strongholds that have held us back from Gods intention, but this year has seen an increasing momentum and focus on heart health more than ever before. Why? Because God is preparing us for the influence and favor for the call from the nations and He wants us whole so we can represent Him well. We simply will not have anything to give the world if we are not truly walking in the soul health that the world is craving.

Coming into December I felt raw like I could sense a deep pulling from the Lord into even deeper intimacy. One night I had an encounter where I was in the throne-room feeling wave after wave of the Fathers love when He began to breathe on places of my heart that needed life, areas I didn’t even know that were crying out for his touch. Then I began to hear a sound that silenced every other sound, it was the sound of his heartbeat, so deep and stilling, and it was like every beat affected me even more. As I kneeled there in the throne-room listening intently, I involuntarily let out a great cry of grief that lasted about 20 minutes. At first I didn’t know what I was feeling until the Lord showed me that I was feeling the heart-longing of the body of Christ on the earth, a cry of longing for intimacy and connection, healing, and restoration.

I saw the deep sorrow coming from many believers that felt so far away from God, almost abandoned and cast off. I saw the millennial’s and their cry for authenticity and wanting to know the Father heart of God. I saw the brokenness of leaders around the world that had laid down their lives for the call but felt disconnected from God. I even saw the cry of minorities wondering how they fit into the family.

As this is taking place I felt a compulsion to lay down face-first with my arms stretched and just intercede for the church and speak health over her. After what seemed like a few minutes I was taken into a tall building. I stood up and I saw that I was in the top level of a very modern building that looked like an architectural masterpiece, surrounding by clear glass windows 360 degrees around me. Without moving I could see clearly in every direction and this building was so high I was not just seeing a city, but I could see nations. I began to see prophets I knew come up an escalator and being escorted into their new offices. As I saw this, a holy fear came over me as realized that God was entrusting something new to the prophets in this hour.

There has been a deep purification taking place in the prophetic and it will continue, God is jealous for his prophets to be messengers of fire that carry his heart. This new breed of prophets are “heart prophets” because they not only carry the word of the Lord, but the fiery message of love that instantly transforms and restores wherever it goes, tearing away the blindfolds and layers of hurts and issues that have held the church back from experiencing the fullness of the relationship. But God has been doing a deep work in these “heart prophets”, removing the roots of anxiety and fear that keep causing them to run and hide or shut down their voice, removing any shreds of motives and agendas, self-promotion, jealousy, and old wineskin mentalities that hold them back from stepping into the new.

“He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; he will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver. Then the LORD will have men who will bring offerings in righteousness” Malachi 3:3

Many prophets this year have felt a shift, like a changing of expression or focus, and that is because these prophets have been called to fill a new office, and I believe just like in my encounter they are being escorted to a new position with GREATER SIGHT, reach, and influence over the nations. But God is saying that the doorway is WE MUST GO LOW!

This is not a time to be trying to build our platform, but to lay down and surrender everything fresh to him. Even those who have felt hidden for some time, don’t get into striving, let HIM build the house, stay low and watch how he uses you to transform the heart of the nations.

God is using prophets in this hour to SPEAK and PROPHESY over the body of Christ and the nations, and we will see the church come into her healthiest days and best days.

Nate Johnston