The Greater Glory, the Fire, and the Increase

I was awoken by the Lord one night in early December. I just love those moments where His presence is so strong and His voice is like honey - I live for those moments! But He came with both revelation and an invitation. I was taken into a vision and saw a dimly lit cathedral filled with statues and other religious artefacts. Then I watched as the Lord began opening up all windows and doors from every corner of the building and as He did I noticed a beautiful and glorious light begin to shine, but it was not streaming in from the outside but from within the inside. I watched as this incredible Glory filled every space and every room before suddenly bursting and flooding to the outside.

God said to me “This is my church, and She is coming into her fulfilment season of Isaiah 60 where She will shine with my Glory like never before in the earth and a harvest of harvests will come. But first I am pouring out my Glory in a greater measure. I am opening up the windows and doors of the heart of the church so I, the King of Glory can come in!” (Read Isaiah 60:1-3)

Then he spoke to me from Psalms 24:7-10 “Nate, open up you gates, swing wide you ancient doors, so I can come in and burst through your life!” I was suddenly aware of a level of His abiding presence and majesty I had never known before and replied “Yes have your way Lord!”


To my surprise I suddenly came into a time of both heavy warfare and the fire of God pruning me very deeply. God was speaking to the very depths of me, the often overlooked corners and nooks of my heart and pouring out His ever so wonderful yet confronting, powerful Love that was arresting areas in me that were holding me back from moving into this greater place I was hungering for.

At the same time the warfare was the darkest I have ever personally felt since when I was in my teens when the enemy tried to take me out. I was waking up in cold sweats, having nightmares, and every day for weeks was spent fighting an irrational fear, foreboding, and anguish that just didn’t seem to go away. At the same time my well was drying up, almost all revelation was evaporating completely, and I felt frustrated and muzzled.

“But God I am in ministry, I can’t be facing this stuff, I see people healed of this!” I would say. Yet even in the middle of that I felt a deep deep longing in me begin to cry out. It was a cry of a son wanting more of His Father. It was a craving that wouldn’t and couldn’t settle for anything but Him. I lost all desire for anything else and I had zero capacity for anything but just being with Him. Again he whispered to me “Do you really want more of me?” and I still said “Lord it’s all I want!”

One morning a few weeks ago I woke up and sensed the same all consuming fear trying to come over me like had happened for the 5 weeks prior and I heard the Lord say to me “Play your harp David!”, so I went to my piano and began worshiping the Lord until His Glory filled the room and in that moment the fear left completely! Instantly my voice came back, revelation returned, and a peace like a river flooded me again.

What I realised in that moment was that the cathedral I had seen in the vision was indeed what God was saying for the body of Christ, but it was also me! He was opening up the windows and doors and revealing His greater glory, but I had asked Him to do it in me and so he did! What God was doing in was detaching me from mindsets of limitation, poverty, doubts, and fear that would not enable me to cross over into the wide open space He had prepared.

Have you also been in the tension and the wrestle of the crossover? Have you been facing attacks of debilitating fear and anguish from the enemy trying to distract you from seeing that the wrestle was actually God advancing and increasing you? This is the invitation that is before us.


I believe we are in an hour where the greater glory is being poured out which means the church has a decision to make, where just as God is highlighting the invitation for more of Him, He is also creating a distaste in the mouth of believers for the fading glory. We just can’t operate how we once did, camping around messages and religious practices that sound clever and inviting but simply do not carry any glory and does not reveal the true message of the gospel.

As the glory of God begins to manifest there will be a rising dissatisfaction to do ministry “modus operandI”, in our own strength, chasing our own ideas, and in self promotion that seeks its own glory apart from God. It’s an opportunity for those who have been running on their own steam to lay everything down and be filled afresh. It’s His Glory or nothing! His Glory purifies and heals and He is purifying so deeply in this hour, not to expose or shame but to align your heart with His again so you can run strong!


Right now He is taking hearts like dimly lit cathedrals filled with old antiques and turning them into Glory-filled temples. You are His glorious temple, His resting place, His habitation, and He is asking today if you would allow Him to come in and open up the windows and doors of your heart so HE the King of Glory could come in and have His way.

I see the Lord shining His glory-light on dusty dry bones piled up in the corners of hearts. Old manuscripts littering the floors inside once active and vibrant dreamers. Songs that are meant to be released but have been laying dormant and unsung. Passion and zeal for the lost that is buried under the stones of defeat. Let His glory flood your heart today. It’s time to ARISE from ground & SHINE!

Nate Johnston