-Christy Johnston

During my time with the Father this morning, I heard Him speak to my heart. He said, “I am restoring hope into the hearts of my children, I am causing them to dream again.” I then saw a vision where the enemy’s arrows of disappointment had been shot directly into the hearts of many of God’s children. These arrows were the enemy’s targets of substantial loss, sadness, failure, regret, depression, and disillusionment. I saw that these arrows were specifically targeted at the heart in an attempt to significantly wipe out many of God’s children by preventing the heart from beating with life and vision as it was designed. The enemy knew exactly where to strike and what to strike with, and many of these arrows were either still pierced in the heart or there was a great wound that remained in their place. I heard the Father say, “Though the wound was great, I am greater. Though it seems the enemy succeeded, you are about to see how I make all things new. I am restoring hope to the loss and I am healing the wound with my love.” I then saw His beautiful hands pick up and cusp the wounded hearts. For those where arrows still remained, He gently removed the arrows and He then turned and began working as a surgeon on the wounds.

Suddenly, it was as though I was in a surgery room of heaven, it was not like the ones here on earth, but there were tools all around marked with ‘hope’, ‘dreams’, ‘vision,’ ‘joy,’ ‘love’, and ‘life.’ I couldn’t see what He was doing at this point, but He was working with focus and precision, picking up various tools and using each one carefully. He had a smile on His face as His hands moved this way and that. I saw a light bursting through His hands and soon, a soft chuckle erupted into a riotous laughter as He turned towards me and presented the renewed heart. I moved closer to see His finished work and it surprised me. I thought the wound would have completely disappeared, but instead, what was in its place was a beautiful artwork of tapestry. A bright and colorful display of love that glimmered with gold flecks of life, it was art and it was breathtaking to behold. The heart was beating with rhythm and purpose; it was as though the Father’s tapestry of renewal caused it to beat with stronger worth and meaning.

Somewhat perplexed though, I asked the Father, “Why did you not eliminate the trace of the wound?” He looked at me with a smile, “I removed the pain of the wound, I removed its toxicity and it’s debilitating sting. However, where the wound once was, I have gifted them a piece of my own heart and it is now the framework of a weapon. It now serves as a marked reminder for the enemy. Every time my beloved one remembers the arrow the enemy targeted them with, their heart will beat with My fire I have placed within them. Not only have I renewed their hope and vision, I have placed within their heart My zeal to target the enemy with My very own arrows. They will strike him down in the very place he attempted to destroy them. Because of this reminder, they will hit him with accuracy and precision. Bullseye!” He started to laugh again and His joy was contagious.

I see now that the Father is not only restoring His hope to those who have experienced insurmountable loss and heartache, but He has gifted them with something they never had before. Zeal and authority to take out the enemy in the exact target he tried to destroy them with. The Father is turning the loss into victory; He is turning it around for His glory and for their benefit. They are going to see how He not only restores their vision, but He has gifted their hearts with the fullness of His own. They will see that through this experience, rather than being the victim the enemy wanted, they have now become a force to be reckoned with, a victor, a warrior of the King, complete in the Father's love and full of His fire.

I want to encourage you today, surrender the broken fragments and pieces of your heart to the Father, beloved ones. We are in a significant time where He is restoring hope to the losses, life to the disappointments and healing for the wounds, but there is so much more than just restoration, He is gifting you with a weapon. The weapon of His heart, and in turn, you will find yourself dreaming again. It is time to dream with the Father again, see His visions for your life as you move forward in victory and destroy the enemy where he attempted to destroy you.

I am reminded of Psalm 3:3;

‘But in the depths of my heart I truly know that you, Yahweh, have become my Shield; You take me and surround me with yourself. Your glory covers me continually. You lift high my head when I bow low in shame. I have cried out to you, Yahweh, from your holy presence. You send me a Father’s help.’

Life is not over, but it has just begun.