Two weeks ago I had an encounter with the Lord that spanned over several days. The glory of God was so thick that I couldn’t sleep until 3:30am for three nights. All I could do was sit there in the dark rocking back and forth praying and worshiping the Lord. As I say there rocking under the glory, the Lord showed me a new fresh anointing coming upon men and women of God all over the world that were hungry for more of Him.

On the first night I was so tired yet the glory just wouldn’t lift, causing me to tremble and shake to my bones. I said “Lord can I sleep?” and He said simply.. “wait”. Then He began to come even weightier and stronger until I could barely handle it. The same thing happened the following night and I heard “wait”, then the same on the third. I realised by the third time that there was something in the waiting, it was the key to what God was doing.

Joshua waited or “lingered” in the presence of God and He was entrusted to lead Gods people after Moses. David spent endless hours in the presence of God and he took down giants and turned the heart of his nation towards God in radical worship. There is something in this hour to laying everything down for the encounter that echoes throughout eternity.


I was drawn to the fact that it was 3:30 every morning I was finally about to sleep. The lord drew me to John 3:30 which says;

“He must become greater; I must become less.”

There is something so powerful about an encounter that the person who leaves it is not the same person that went in. We become less and He becomes more. We have the privilege in this life of living as an altar to the Lord, continually giving him all of us in exchange for all of Him.

My heart has been so affected by this encounter that left little room for any desire for self promotion, agendas, or even my own ideas or plans. Allowing him to become greater means I must “empty” myself and become less.

The word for greater in the above verse is the Greek word auxano which means “to increase, and grow”, and I believe the Lord is saying that this is a time of an increase of the anointing in the earth as sons and daughters seek His face.


I feel so much expectation for the coming year and we are in a time He is adding to us, increasing us because of the time we are alive, we are called to be a burning, shining light more than ever before. It is our Isaiah 60 mandate playing out before us and something tells me we haven’t seen anything yet.

We are about to see signs, wonders, and miracles, like we have never seen before. We are about to see such an increase in gifts and kingdom power that will mark the church for her glorious days ahead, but even more importantly we are in the days of visitation, where weighty five fold revivalists are emerging that have paid a high price in the secret place and carry the heart of heaven to shift nations, from every sphere and in every mountain of influence.

The earth is groaning and heaven is responding. The church pews are being shaken and eyes are being opened. Hearts are beings stirred that were once laying numb and dormant under the weight of past defeat and failure. I see currently active apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers that have settled being awoken to a new sound, a higher frequency that will cause them to “come up higher” to taste and experience the fresh fires of intimacy and partake of the feast that is being spread.

Sons and daughters of thunder EMERGE and let out your mighty potent sound that will proclaim to the world that Jesus is alive and the kingdom is here!


I heard the Lord mention the word “disruption” to me recently. At the time I was suddenly finding it hard to focus, press in, and concentrate on one thing. I felt scattered and was quickly losing my peace. I felt to look up the word and found its definition;

“Disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity, or process. To throw into disorder, to break apart”

I have sensed this overt assignment of disruption in the last few weeks especially, which is attempting to prevent conception and numb people to the affection of God so they avoid the secret place. The enemy wars intensely against the secret place because he knows it is encounter that brings the greater anointing. When we become apathetic towards his presence It creates a stalemate in the spirit, giving opportunity for the wrong seeds to be planted.

I have had many conversations with others who have experienced the same thing. If you have felt the same, take authority today and command it to go in Jesus name!


Last week while I was ministering I heard the Lord say “There is an invitation for fresh fire!” and I watched as the Holy Spirit poured himself out reigniting hearts and what I sensed was that God was inviting people into his fires of separation from the things that held them back from walking in their true destiny. There is a purifying taking place that is not just aligning hearts to the Lord and preparing the bride, but it is a purifying that is removing the chaff, the blockades and barriers that has withheld the church from her fullness and destined measure of impact.

God is calling us to be like those in Acts 2 in the upper room who were sought him until the Spirit came like a mighty rushing wind and flames of fire! There is a fresh hunger that is unleashing the response of heaven.

This truly is the hour of fresh baptism and just like Samuel laying down in the temple, God is calling your name and saying to come and sit, and wait in His presence until the very thing He desires to impart and give to you comes.

I pray that you would be stirred to greater levels of hunger today, that you would decide to leave the shores of familiarity and say yes to the fresh fires of His love that will rebrand and refuel you for the greatest days of kingdom exploits. Say yes to the waiting, to the lingering, to laying down in His presence, and you will never be the same again.

Nate Johnston