Firebrands of Creativity and Justice


In worship tonight I saw angels marking people with fire and I saw the words and symbols engraved on them.

The first symbol I saw was a key and and the word "creativity". Keys have been a regular theme in my life this year, so I knew the Lord was speaking about open doors, new mantles, intimacy, mysteries of the kingdom. But he showed me that he is branding the hungry, the seekers with a creativity that would unlock some currently closed doors. I saw that many had not felt free to be themselves in their gifting and it was holding the church back from stepping into a new place, but these people would step up boldly and release the creative wisdom and strategies of heaven.

The other symbol I saw was an arrow and the word "justice" and I then I heard the word "straightened arrow" and the lord reminded me of a word I released earlier in the year about carriers of justice. These ones would be fighters and give their lives to claim back areas the enemy had claimed. What stood out to me about them was the purity of heart I felt surrounding these justice carriers.

God is marking those in this hour that are truly seeking him for him, and he is releasing upon them an anointing to walk in prophetic integrity and purity, to roar like a lion at injustices, turn the tables of hypocrisy, expose the strongholds that are withholding kingdom inheritance, restore the stolen treasures of hidden or unknown places, and to take the body of Christ out of the dark ages of being yoked to her past and into the FULLNESS of her FUTURE!


Nate Johnston