For many months now I keep dreaming about kingdom creativity being birthed RIGHT NOW that will change the course of history. It’s caused me to awaken in a deeper way to the urgency of the hour to release the NEW from the heart of God to the world and also shift my mindset in the HOW that this creativity is going to be released. God is really reinventing us right now and causing us to come up higher in our approach to how we reach the world and personally awaken us to the fullness of our purpose.


The most repetitive theme of my dreams has been around books and written resources. On at least 4 occasions I have dreamt about books from the library of heaven being emptied on earth to those who have been seeking his face and hungry for the more. I have even seen book themes to come by certain writers and language that didn’t make sense to me but I knew it was the Lord releasing a depth of understanding to the mysteries of the kingdom that these scribes were able to receive and articulate. I saw kingdom books becoming New York Times bestsellers and outselling other well known secular books.

In one dream I saw a map and the Lord was showing me guidebooks that would be wilderness manuals for those who have been in the wilderness. The anointing that is coming upon the written word is increasing and God is entrusting it to those who can wield the pen with purity and integrity in the days ahead.


As we crossed the threshold of 8.8.18 God highlighted a scripture to me.

“I am convinced that any suffering we endure is less than nothing compared to the magnitude of glory that is about to be unveiled within us” Romans 8:18

Many have been in a barren season where the trials have been endless and many felt like their dreams died within them. 8 in Hebrew (Chet) represents a new era, beginnings, new day, and a doorway of revelation(Chet is the symbol of the door) and we have crossed the threshold into an era of new beginnings and a new day to BRING FORTH new revelation and what is inside of of us. Like the scripture says “NOTHING will compare to the magnitude of Glory revealed in you!”


The enemy knows we are in the beginning of a harvest and He doesn’t want you and I to produce. He is scared a generation rising that carries creative kingdom solutions for a broken world so he makes it his sole preoccupation to keep you barren so you don’t produce. He wants you to abort what you are carrying and works against your creativity by preventing conception, which only happens through intimacy.

I hear the Holy Spirit saying “Come and be overshadowed again, come and lets rekindle our love”. It’s a call to the secret place where conception takes place and every area of stagnancy in you will suddenly spring back to life.

We are in a time of grace to move into new territory and occupy for greater kingdom influence and I believe even right now as you are reading this that your womb would leap and remind you of the reason you are alive and awaken the forgotten dreams inside you.

“Creativity is territory”


What’s the purpose of this creativity? It’s purpose is to change the shape of the cultural climate completely by revealing Jesus. I keep hearing “Can a city be saved in a day?” Yes it can. Joseph carried a creative solution for a nation that affected many generations to come. The Renaissance period between the 14th and 17th centuries was an Age of Enlightenment where creativity was the catalyst that burst the banks of expected influence and completely reformed the rest of society and even religion. Right now God is calling out his Renaissance Revolutionaries to allow Him to birth his ideas and creative expression through them that will altar history itself and extend the kingdom.

Something is dramatically shifting and changing and there is a sound being released from the creatives that will dethrone principalities over regions and cities and usher in a revival that doesn’t just refresh the church but it awakens the world to the beauty of Jesus!

There are songs that are yet to be sung, innovations that are yet to be discovered, ideas, strategies, language and themes from heaven that are just waiting to be pulled upon by these revolutionaries that are hungry enough to withdraw from their inheritance.

I feel such a weight on this word and a responsibility upon us as sons and daughters to dream with God and bring forth in this season, so with that in mind here is something practical.


- Stir and awaken your creativity inside you in the secret place
- Stop devaluing what you carry even you just don’t see what you carry
- Don’t be squashed or stifled, or bullied out of your unique expression. 
- Don’t let your creativity be manipulated, controlled or owned.
- Stop trying to fit in and make IT fit, instead Pioneer! If you don’t fit in.. good you aren’t meant to. 
- Don’t cast your pearls. Be careful who you share your creativity/dreams with.
- Who are you running with? Are you surrounded by dreamers and creators?
- Protect and nurture what He gives you!
- Don’t allow Criticism in.. The critical spirit goes against creativity. 
- Stop looking for a pedestal or praise from man, and create as an act of worship.
- Don’t limit your creativity to just the church or it’ll die. 
- Stop living in the past. If your greatest accomplishments are behind you it’s a sign you need to dream again. 
- Survival mode isn’t conducive for creativity, so break out of the rut! Stir yourself up again! 
- Make time to be creative, and journal/record what he shows you.
- Pay attention to your dreams. 
- And most importantly SEEK HIS FACE.

“Your creativity sets the momentum for generations to come”

Nate Johnston