Three words have been repeating over and over in my spirit: feast, hope and bliss. They have been bubbling in my heart like an invitation, an invitation to experience and partake of what I believe the Father is doing right now. I came across Psalm 3:8 in the passion translation;

My true hero comes to my rescue, for the Lord alone is my Savior. What a feast of favor and bliss he gives his people! Pause in his presence.

As I was meditating upon this, I was reminded of my children at dinner-time. They are usually distracted by playing with their toys when it comes time to eat yet they often whine and complain about their hunger right until dinner is served. What always confuses me is when dinner is finally served, their hunger seems to ‘evaporate’ and they are no longer concerned with eating or aren’t satisfied with what is being served. I hear the calling of the Father in much the same way right now, “Are you hungry? Come to the table and eat? Are you thirsty? Come feast upon my goodness.”

The Holy Spirit has been showing me that where many have been feeling desolate, robbed of joy, and robbed of peace, that they have become distracted and their hunger has ‘evaporated.’ Yet I feel such a stirring of His heart as I hear Him calling out to you, “Come to the table. Leave your fears and frustrations, I am your hero, allow me to rescue you from life’s distractions and trials. I will renew your hunger as you eat, I will restore your strength. Just come and pause in My presence.” The feast may look different to what you were expecting, maybe you were expecting to work harder to overcome the trials you have been facing when in reality all He is asking of you is to Pause. I urge you, come to the table anyway, put aside your distractions and frustrations and feast on Him. This is a time of feasting on who He is and it will renew you with a fresh fire.

I believe in my heart that this feasting on his favor and his bliss is actually a strategic weapon for His people in this very hour. It is a weaponry that the enemy cannot steal, taint or withstand. It is weaponry that the enemy has no part in and no idea how to overcome because it is the complete opposite of who he is. I feel strongly that the Holy Spirit is moving intentionally to release this weapon as He sets the table for the feast on His hope and bliss. It is both a force and a feast because as we feast upon His hope, His goodness, and His love, it turns into a force, a weapon that destroys the enemy’s strategies in one strike. I see armies of heaven moving in reaction to the children of God who have chosen to sit at the Father’s table. As they feast, they will rise up in unquenchable power and authority to take down the enemies plans both in their own lives and all across the earth for they will no longer be operating in their own strength, but His. To feast upon the Father's hope and bliss is to nourish your spirit with a strength that only He can provide. I can hear the uproar of laughter from the Father as he looks upon the futile plans of the enemy. The weapons of hope and bliss in the hands of His Sons and Daughters are moving in to render his plans useless.

This feasting of His hope is the restorative hope of His heart that will refresh and renew hearts, awakening His people from a place of weariness and brokenness into a vigorous stirring of strength and life. This feast of hope and bliss will restore your sight with heaven's vision for the days ahead. Bliss is the language of heaven’s joy, and the Holy Spirit is moving to restore the joy that belongs to you. These mighty weapons of hope and bliss are being released right now, but I sense so strongly, they are an invitation. It is an invitation to feast upon who He is in the secret place. Do you want it? It’s waiting for you at the table of His presence… the table has been set and the feast of His hope and bliss has been laid out and ready for you to come, sit and pause in His presence. Will you respond to the invitation today? <3


Christy Johnston