ALLIANCE əˈlʌɪəns/


plural noun: alliances

1. a relationship based on similarity of interests, nature, or qualities.

The enemy has no power over us unless we give it to him, either by agreement to him or by

“commonality”, that is that we have allowed areas of our lives to resemble attributes of his. For

instance this can happen when we don’t see our promise come to pass when we thought it would,

we begin to “agree” with the voices of doubt and discouragement that come against us.

Jesus said “I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has

nothing in Me. – John 14:30

The truth is the enemy has “Nothing in you” and he has no access or rights to invade, attack, or rob

you any longer. Its time we severed some wrong alliances and walked through the door into

blessing and inheritance.

Use this simple prayer below to break free from alliances you have had with the enemy over areas

of your life, so you can enter into the NEW thing he is doing in you.


“Father today I ask that you would reveal to me areas of commonality in my life with the enemy,

weak areas, mindsets, and beliefs that have held me back from my promise and close connection

with you”


“I renounce any alliance to any of the following areas, cycles, and patterns, and refuse to allow the

little foxes to steal from my life any more”

Specific areas

• I renounce my alliance with doubt and fear, foreboding, anxiety, depression, sickness, and

position myself as a receiver of your perfect love that makes me whole.

• I renounce my alliance with a critical spirit, judgment and words I have spoken against

others. I choose to champion and promote others, and as I celebrate others victories I know

I am preparing my own.

• I renounce my alliance with misplaced priorities and procrastination. When God speaks and

asks me to move ahead I will not hide in fear but I will move in faith.

• I renounce my alliance with guilt and shame, for issues that have been covered by the

blood of Jesus.

• I renounce my alliance with poverty and lack. I can’t live tied to the wrong economy any

longer. Father show me your provision for me.

• I renounce my alliance with slavery, and an orphan mentality. Today I ask that you would

reveal to me who I am as a son and daughter.


“Thank you Jesus that today is new day, a new season, and what is ahead of me is so vibrant and

brimming with promise. My past is behind me, and I am now free to enjoy and experience ALL that

you have been waiting for me to discover, in Jesus name!”



Nate Johnston