The other night in worship I asked the Lord for strategic direction for June and he said "IGNORE THE VOICES OF GLOOM, STAY IN TUNE WITH MY HEART".

In May there has been an assignment of fear trying to plant seeds of doubts and crippling anxiety to those marching on strong, especially pioneers who are carrying very valuable keys for the body.

After the Lord spoke concerning June I saw a bird and knew it to be a typical Australian mocking bird that you can always hear when you are hiking in the rainforest. These birds mimic other sounds, such as other birds, animals or people.

The lord said to me that in June it's important not to fall prey to the mimicking sounds of fear and false security. I saw people that were listening to the sounds of old hurts and wounds and finding themselves distracted and burdened. I saw people that began to follow false reports in fear and again like the others were taken on a side alley. This voice wants to sing gloom over your life where God has been rebuilding your walls.

June is a month of being propelled and seeing God open up new avenues of influence and favour, greater breakthroughs and open displays of his goodness but to see that you need to stay in tune with his heart.

While the world is saying GLOOM, you'll be singing a new tune that will be like a call out to those lost in the battle, feeling beaten and worn by the fight.


The lord drew my attention to a measuring scale and I saw items being placed on either side, then he showed me that June was a really pivotal month for what God wants to do through the body of Christ. The sense was that we had yet to walk into something God had laid out for us, but it would require being intentional and focussed to see it through.

I feel such an urgency that we needed to pray and really press in this month, not let our guard down and also to keep pursuing more. It's a month to push your limits of your faith for what God can and will do.

Don't drop the vision, increase it and watch what God will do.. He is adding weight to you, and this month will be the breaker for the ease you will see through the last half of the year.


The most strategic place to be this month is in his presence. As much as I feel that pull to focus and keep the vision plain, the Lord is saying over you "it will not be in your might, power or ability, but mine".

Keep your eyes on him, stay close to his heart and watch him fight battles you could never fight and orchestrate such favour you could never do on your own.

Nate Johnston