Dear friends,

Every time you sow a seed into the ministry of Everyday Revivalists, you are helping to advance God's kingdom through the equipping of God's sons and daughters. You are a vital part of this ministry and we could not be doing this without you. Every word of prophecy and encouragement, resources and prayer are only released because your giving and partnership enables us to do so.

Your seed to Everyday Revivalists helps us to:

  • Remove the lies of the enemy off Gods sons and daughters that they may arise in power and light.
  • Awaken truth and stir up the royalty within every child of God
  • Encourage and lift up the body of Christ through practical and relatable teaching
  • Stir up the gifts of God within sons and daughters
  • Teach people how to hear and recognize the voice of God for themselves, to then impart His voice wherever they go.
  • Awaken the hearts of the lost through the unveiling of Gods sons and daughters.

We pray and know that this seed God has put on your heart to give, will come back to you multiplied in an abundant harvest.

We pray over every person who sows into this ministry that God has called us to and we are eternally grateful as we are fully aware that without you, none of this would be possible, and we are grateful beyond words for your support.

Our reward together is eternal.


Nate and Christy