Praying For a Nation

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As i was asking the Lord what He wanted me to share in our next family blog, i was so impressed to encourage and STIR you to discover the individual mandate you each carry on this earth for the nations. So I pray this blesses you today as i share a few stories behind why we have the USA on our hearts and how powerful it is to be children of God that are "Territorial" in the way we pray.


I believe we are in a time where the Bride is being awoken to the incomprehensible LOVE of Jesus and His finished work. The very message of Jesus which is "The Kingdom of Heaven" is being revealed and exploding in the hearts of those shaking off the grave clothes and religion that has kept us bound for far too long. With that said, let me stir your heart.. 

Earlier this week Christy and I separately of each other had Los Angeles on our hearts and were given visions and revelation of what God is doing there. I would be lying if I said this was a rare occurrence, it's not. In fact I can't even count how many times we have been stirred awake to pray for this city, given dreams, or visions for her. It's been an endless labor of love for this city of angels that started mid 2009, a few months after moving there.

I had a dream one night in July of 2009 that a raging fire was swirling through the mountains surrounding Los Angeles and I woke up in a sweat wondering what It meant. Intercession was a relatively new concept to me and at the time I did not know that possibly God was showing me this to pray, but on August 26th that year a fire was started in the Angeles National Forest that burnt through over 160,000 acres and claimed 2 lives. I was devastated. Part of me felt like I had missed it. “God why would you show that to me when I don’t know what I’m doing?” I cried out. Instantly I heard him say “The fervent prayers of the righteous avails much” (James 5:16)

Maybe I was being too hard on myself, and maybe just maybe my tiny prayers I did pray did have some impact. What if it could have been worse? I choose to believe that God spoke to many to pray but even so, my inexperienced prayers held more weight that will ever understand. That was where it started for us and from that time we have been faithfully praying into this city and Hollywood, and in the last 5 years God has extended that and given us a heart for the whole nation, highlighting specific cities along the way.

Like Christy’s latest word for Hollywood, we have seen countless Tsunami waves of Gods Glory flooding this nation many times, we have had dreams of sounds of heaven being poured out over specific regions that would carry and birth this new sound, and also specific events that would take place down the road.

I remember during the election in November 2016 I kept being drawn to Pennsylvania and had two visions. One was of a deep well that turned into an oil well, and the second was of the liberty bell, and I won't get into every detail now but God really spoke to clearly to me about the importance of this state being the central state in contention and that the enemy was trying to sabotage votes in that state. Sure enough it played out exactly how I had seen it with the electronic ballots malfunctioning, and the Amish communities that were road blocked and almost unable to get to the polling booths that day. How incredible is God?

I remember the first time God gave me a vision that really shattered all my religious boxes. A year and half back I was in worship when suddenly I was flying(felt like it) over a city, an industrial looking city that wide rivers or waterways with large bridges crossing from side to side, and large barge looking boats underneath. Then my eyes focused in one particular cargo ship that was coming in to port carrying so many containers. This vision was so clear! I could even feel the temperature of the air was humid and warm, and I sensed such a spiritual hopelessness and despair there until I heard the Lord say two things “Awakening is coming”, and “Morgan”. Ok fair enough with the awakening but what does Morgan mean? I asked Holy Spirit for more revelation until I heard “Morgan City”. I googled it to see if it existed and my jaw dropped to see in google images everything I had just seen in the vision!

The following week I was telling my friend and Revivalist Darren Canning about it when He contacted an apostle and intercessor friend in Denham Springs Louisiana who promptly sent an intercessory team to Morgan City Louisiana to pray and intercede for the region! Here I am all the way in Australia, given a specific vision of a place I have never been to in Louisiana and God dispatches people to press into that promise! I was undone by his orchestration! Since that particular day I have had many more visions like this and believe that God is increasing this kind of revelation for the season we are in because as sons and daughters of God, we are citizens of heaven and our prerogative is to see the Kingdom increase and be released in the nations. Ill share more about that now..

Late February of 2016 we were just about to officially launch our ministry when I saw the promo video for the “The Call” making its rounds on facebook and I shared it to my page. I was so excited to see this event taking place which was only 7 weeks away and especially as it was a historic anniversary of the powerful Azusa Revival. Later that day I noticed a friend had written on the post saying “Are you going Nate?” to which I replied “No we aren’t”. An Australian friend of ours instantly wrote to me and said “Nate when I saw you write no, I heard the Hillsong song lyrics “Ask and Ill give the nations to you…”.  The Holy Spirit hit me and I just about fell off my chair! What are you saying God? You want us to go? He says, “Ask and ill give you the nations”. So that day Christy and I prayed and said, “Lord will you give us the nations? Will you give us the USA?” and that was all it took. 7 weeks later we found ourselves at “The Call” on the anniversary of the Azusa Revival, which coincidentally was also our 10 year wedding anniversary, and also 6 years to the day that we had left Los Angeles to move back to Australia! We didn't have the finances in the natural to book this trip but in 7 short weeks He provided for it all! You cant tell me God doesn’t work in the details, He is the God of the details!

I share all of this so you can hear why our hearts beat for this nation, but what I really want is for YOU to catch the heart of God for YOU, because God is wanting to stir up fiery passion and a mandate for the nations in you as well. It might be for your own city and region, it might be for Africa, it might be for Asia, or Europe. It might be a stirring for a specific injustice or issue that you used to prayer over an over the years have dropped. Whatever it is, ASK Him today for the nations, ASK Him to reveal to you your purpose and what your heart is meant to burn for! ASK ASK ASK!!

If you have felt passionless, directionless, dreamless, mission-less, void and your fire has been lost, today ASK Him to fill you afresh, BUT be warned…it will come with so much more than you expect..

Love Nate

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Nate Johnston