Moving beyond comfortability


I have to admit something to you before I go any further into our story: I am a creature of comfort. I have always been a homebody. I love my personal space, my routines, my favorite people and things, I even love my favorite coffee shop and rarely venture out beyond what I already know and love. I was the very definition of an introvert (and still am in some ways). I hated anything remotely related to public speaking, I loathed large crowds where I was forced to ‘mingle’ and I certainly did not like to be thrown outside of my little zone of happiness. I liked predictability. Even now, when Nate and I go out for a date night, he always knows like clockwork what I will order, because I don’t like to be disappointed if I dare to try something new and end up hating it. (Like the time I ordered a Caesar salad thinking I could not go wrong with that choice and ended up with an entire lump of lettuce on my plate as though it had been plucked straight from the garden (uncut), with a meager drizzle of Caesar dressing over the top. Needless to say, that night ended with fast food.) I do however love to travel. I am kind of a contradiction if you think about it because I love to explore new places and try new things when we’re traveling, but I love even more to come home after being away. The problem with this kind of personality is that you tend to feel like the ‘misfit’ or the ‘odd one out’ all the time. People judged me for being too quiet in an all too loud and noisy world, and so, I tended to venture out less and less in order to feel safe and free from misunderstandings.

Just landed in LA and visiting Malibu. Our fashions have certainly changed for the better in the last few years haha.

Just landed in LA and visiting Malibu. Our fashions have certainly changed for the better in the last few years haha.

Now, Nate on the other hand is my polar opposite. The guy LOVES crowds and meeting new people, he can walk up to a stranger in the middle of nowhere and make friends with them. This aspect of his personality was horrifying to me when we first started to date, I would have to mentally prepare myself to ‘go with the flow’ if we went out together anywhere because he was always unpredictable. I honestly know, if it weren’t for him, I would most likely be a hermit crab that no one ever saw. God really used him to help strengthen my areas of weakness and vice versa. Now don’t get me wrong, comfort and predictability can be good things- but they can also work against us. I had become so comfortable with comfort that I rarely ventured beyond my little zone and it was robbing me. Maybe you are not the introvert that I once was, but is it possible that you have been stuck in your own place of comfort-ability? Have your comforts and routines become an unhealthy cycle of dependence that are deterring you from stepping into the greater, more fulfilling life that Jesus has prepared for you? That was certainly the case with me.

So all of that to say, when we jumped at the opportunity to move overseas for a year to serve and work for our friend Nick, Nate was thrilled, while my heart was in my throat. I was excited for the adventure, but also extremely nervous to be stepping out WAY beyond my comfort zone. I would be living in someone else’s house, working to someone else’s schedule, traveling a lot and I would not see my family or friends for a long time. However, there was something deep inside that was strengthening me, urging me on. I knew it was the Holy Spirit encouraging me to venture beyond my contentments because He had something amazing waiting outside of my bubble of protection. However, I found it difficult to trust Him because my relationship with Him was one of distance. I did not understand the concept of relationship with an unseen God. I knew Him by knowledge. I had been taught about Him from the moment I learnt to walk, I could quote scripture, declare His promises for my life and knew every story in the bible. Nevertheless, knowledge about a person, and being in relationship with a person, are two very different things. What I did not realize was that our year in the United States was more of a sneaky set up by Him. He was drawing me beyond my comforts that I had become so dependent upon, in order that I might learn to instead find comfort and dependency upon Him, no matter what my surroundings or circumstances looked like.

I pray this ongoing story of mine and ours might encourage you to break beyond any limitations of your own comforts as the Holy Spirit works alongside you to break down the walls for He longs to be the comfort in your life. Let me just say, the unraveling of my dependency on my outward comforts and surroundings was the start of my intimate relationship with Him.

To be continued….

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