From the Secret Place to the Open Door

Before we go any further in our story and journey I want to share a part of my story from many years earlier to the year Christy and I were married. It was April 2006, and we had just returned from our honeymoon when I found out that I had been successful in acquiring the job at Benny Hinn Ministries I had applied for months earlier. I remember my first day feeling so unequipped for what they were asking me to do. Pray for people over the phone? I would nervously pray from a prayer book like a script, because although I knew the Lord I was yet to really encounter His Spirit in a powerful way. Only a short few months later I was working at a Benny Hinn Crusade in Auckland, New Zealand when I witnessed the power and presence of God in a tangible way that would ruin my life forever. I stood at the back just crying as the love of God seemed to consume me like a gooey liquid. I had never experienced God quite to this level before, and I was hooked! I said “Lord I must have ALL OF YOU!”

When I returned home I was agitated, dissatisfied, hungry but just unsure of what to do to meet the growing craving of my heart. Then a friend of mine introduced me to the testimony of Todd Bentley where after a work accident he was home-bound for months and would just lay down in Gods presence for hours upon hours until the Glory of God would come. I didn’t know if this would work for me but I began “soaking” as it is now called for hours upon hours a night, from 8 or 9pm till 12-1am. For weeks I pressed through distracting thoughts and feelings of discouragement feeling like it wasn’t working. I would pray and pray, and cry out to God to come. I was exhausted! Then one night after a hard day I lay down with nothing to say. I was spent and frankly over trying to hear God and all my efforts to engage with Him. Suddenly a very heavy, weighty, presence flooded the room. So much that I could barely move! Then I heard Him speak to my heart so much louder than I had ever heard him and I was wrecked! The encounters in this season were so powerful and profound, and are still the most significant God moments of my life.

So worshipping and waiting on the Lord became a way of life for me, and I kept soaking every night and developing this deep connection like it was my very food and oxygen. Christy told me many years later that she would walk past me seeing me soaking thinking “Oh lord who have I married? He is crazy!”. Interestingly only a few short years later God began speaking to her in the same way. I didn’t realize it back then but that season was the very foundational season of many years to come where Christy and I really needed to know God intimately in order to navigate the new places He was taking us. It helped us navigate seasons of plenty, and seasons of opposition, seasons of increase, and seasons of displacement and the unknown.

Just recently as I was praying into our USA move the Lord reminded me of something I had forgotten. He said to me “It was that season of sowing in the secret place that opened this door”. I was a little confused at first, but then he reminded me of that night where I cried out “I want you at all costs!” and he replied “Will you go to the nations for me?” and my heart said “Yes Lord, anything”. He instantly showed me a vision of a door opening and I knew that it was that moment that this door opened, and God began preparing us to step into our destiny. When we moved back to Australia in 2010 I thought I had sabotaged the mission, like I had done something wrong, but it was the taste of what was to come, and now He is taking us back full circle!

You never know what you are sowing into when God asks you to do something. Whether it’s in time, financially, prayer, whatever it is, but He has a plan for it, and I feel like the Lord is asking many of to step into a season of sowing in the secret place. If you have been seeking the Lord for direction to move ahead where things feels stuck or at a standstill, sow into the secret place. If you are contending for some long awaited promises, sow into the secret place. Trust me, you wont be disappointed..



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We are so thankful for every seed sown into this ministry. We could not respond to the call of God on our lives if it wasn't for those who are also faithful in supporting His vision for us. Thank-you.(Every contribution is tax deductible in America.)

Nate Johnston