Where it all began in the unlikeliest of places.


I have always been drawn to America, from the time I was a little girl watching 'Home Alone - Lost in New York', I would dream often about what it would be like to stand in front of the Statue of Liberty. When I was a teenager I visited the Travel Agents often just to get the latest travel books and catalogues of America, I had every latest travel magazine available and I tore through those books cutting out and glueing the places I longed to visit. I remember mapping out my dream trip at the age of 16 where I included Disney World and parts of California on my list and I would go to bed dreaming at night of what it would be like to finally get there. Well, that dream was realized in a matter of months when a visiting Pastor by the name of Rodney Howard-Browne announced to our family that he felt God impress to his heart to pay for an all expenses paid trip for my family to visit his church in Tampa Florida, and would you believe it, even Disney World. We left on my birthday and it was like a kiss from heaven, God had seen my desire and answered it in an unexpected way. 

That was just the beginning.

In November of 2008, in the jungles of Eastern India of all places, we were meeting with our dear friend Nick Vujicic who was undertaking a mammoth world tour at the time, and we had arranged to be a part of his tour in India. We traveled out to remote villages affected by a history of violent massacres and I'll never forget witnessing the hunger and desperation of the people from these villages as they traveled by foot for days through thick tiger country, while others crammed with dozens of friends and family into tight cars and small trucks. They had heard about the meetings and they were desperate for truth. 

Multitudes of well over 100,000 people descended upon an open air field for these meetings, many staying there night and day because they had no where else to go, I remember one night in particular that stood out to me. I stood on the outskirts of the field, after having spent hours with beautiful local women as they dressed me in their brightest sari attire. The sari was layer upon layer of material wrapped around me and I was uncomfortable from barely being able to breathe in the tightly wrapped dress. There was also thick humidity in the air and it attracted multitudes of insects, like the plagues of Egypt from the Bible. (I wish I was exaggerating this aspect, but the swarm of insects were so abundant that they looked and sounded like rain in the sky as they swarmed densely upon every available space of air). If I opened my mouth, I would swallow hundreds of bugs and I distinctly remember swatting them off my nose, eyes, ears and out of my hair - it was my worst nightmare. haha. But despite the struggle of my discomforts, I was taken aback by the pure hunger of the people. They were undeterred by the heat or the insects and with my own eyes, I watched as a wave of glory fell upon the vast crowd and they swayed in unison like waves crashing upon the shoreline. A longing cry came from within them as they responded to the presence of God and it made me forget my current struggle as I stood there weeping.

It was then that I knew, I could not stay where I had been, and I am not speaking just in geographical terms, I mean with God. I wanted to experience Him in ways I had never known before and I was willing to do whatever that took. Their hunger stirred a deeper hunger in me and despite being raised in a Christian home, it was that defining moment in my life that I realized - I HAD to see God and know Him for myself.

So, in January of 2009, we were given an amazing opportunity; to move to the United States for a year to work alongside and support Nick in his ministry of Life Without Limbs as he expanded on the vision and call of God on his life. Our hearts had long been embedded in serving what God was doing through Nicks life, so we were thrilled to support him on a whole new level. We jumped at the opportunity, because not only was I deeply in love with America, but I desperately wanted to experience Him in new ways, and if that meant moving halfway across the world, then so be it. It was one of those foundational times in our lives, we were young, had no children or attachments holding us back so we immediately began the process of our visas. Nate, on the other hand, had always loved America as well, but up until this point, he had never had the chance to visit. So our international move there was his first time there as well. It was a huge leap of faith for us as we had never left our families or the comforts of home, but God certainly rewarded us in ways we never could have imagined, and I'll share that part of the story soon, so stay tuned :) 

To be continued....

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