You are not a misfit, you have been fitted with NEW wings!


As I was in worship last night, I perceived a vision of a large group of people who were standing in the middle of a vastly flat plain, it was so vast I could not see anything beyond the horizon and from my perspective, it looked exactly the same no matter which way I turned. I sensed these people here were in a state of confusion, their faces told the story of frustration and agitation as they rubbed their foreheads looking around at the seemingly endless plains that surrounded them, I sensed their anguish of feeling lost. They were asking God, “Which way do I go next?

There is no grid for me, where do I walk?”

Immediately, I sensed the Father’s heart for these people, His sons and daughters who were feeling exiled and frustrated. I could feel His love and compassion for them and I heard His whisper to me, “These, my children, have not fitted into the molds of man and it was not for their lack of trying. They have wrestled with the expectations of those around them and they have been left feeling like a misfit. They have struggled to fit into the religious frames that I did not design for them.”

The scene I was looking at suddenly zoomed in and I saw that each of these sons and daughters had new wings infused to their backs. The wings looked new, like that of a baby eaglets who has just emerged from its egg and I realized that these people were not even aware of their new wings. They continued to look around them in torment as I then saw flies come from out of nowhere and started buzzing around them. These flies had the ability to utter words and they began agitating this group of God’s children. I became angry as I listened in on these lying flies, ‘you don’t fit in’, ‘what is wrong with you?’ ‘Don’t you think if God cared that He would have rescued you by now?’ ‘Your not hearing from God.’ As each of the lies entered the ears of this group, they began embedding into the hearts, weakening their newly formed wings, which they were still unaware of. Some fell to the ground in utter despair as these lies swarmed around their heads.

I could no longer stand by any more and watch as these precious people were lied to. I cried out to God, “No more! Make the lies stop!” No sooner had the words come out of my spirit, suddenly, a mighty gust of wind blew in and whipped up so strongly around about this group that the flies could not withstand its strength and were blown away, along with their lies. In the midst of this wind, it caught up the wings of God’s children and they turned around to look behind in awe at the realization of this new resource infused to them. I watched as angst turned to awe and excitement on their faces. I again heard the Father’s whisper to me, “Where they felt abandoned, they did not realize I had given them a way out. Where they felt like misfits, they did not realize that I did not create them to fit in to their surroundings; I have fitted them out with new wings to fly and discover new territory. Where they felt as though there was no grid for them to walk upon, I have given them free reign of the air. I have crowned them with freedom. No longer will they walk around in defeat and frustration on the ground, they will fly to new heights.”

Joy swept over my heart as I watched this group test out their new wings. No longer weighed down by their surroundings, feeling lost or abandoned, they lifted their wings and raised them high above themselves. I continued to watch as they fluttered their newly discovered wings, and as flutters turned into steady and rhythmic flapping, they lifted up from the ground and were elevated high above the place of their hopelessness. The plains of isolation now took on the view of adventure, they could see beyond their original limiting horizon, and now the horizon beyond begged to be discovered.

As I have pondered on this vision, I was drawn to Isaiah 60:8 which says;

‘Who are these that fly like a cloud, and like doves to their windows?’

As I asked the Holy Spirit what this verse means and how it relates to the vision I saw, I was drawn to the word ‘cloud’. I looked up the Hebrew word for cloud, it means ‘covering’. A cloud is also used as a symbol of God’s divine presence and His glory. The word ‘dove’ is a symbolic representation of the Holy Spirit and ‘windows’ in the bible are often paired together with heaven, ‘the windows of heaven’ or ‘the windows of revelation.’ I believe the Father is saying that as you trust Him in this journey, despite feeling as though you don’t quite know where He is taking you, you will lift up and fly into the realms of His presence, His glory will cover you. The Holy Spirit will guide you into new windows of His divine revelation.

If this resonates with you today, I want to encourage you that you are not alone and you are certainly not a misfit. Nate and I have walked this path ourselves. We too have struggled with feeling as though God had forgotten about us, or that we were not worth anything, but little did we realize, in the very place of our isolation and frustration, He had given us new wings. Likewise, where you have been feeling lost and in despair, lift up your eyes to see that you are not lost or abandoned. The reason you have felt like a misfit is because God does not want you to fit in to the crowd, He wants you to spread your wings and test them out. He wants you to draw closer to Him in this season for there are undiscovered territories of His Kingdom that He longs for you to find. As you lift up and draw close to Him, He will cause you to rise high above your limiting surroundings and take hold of new divine revelations and territories. Shake off the lies of the enemy today that tell you that you are lost, that God does not care. For they are nothing more than lies. Look up and see that you have been called to greater heights.

You have been fitted with new wings, it is time to test them out.

But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31