An invitation to the Secret Garden

The Invitation to the Secret Garden

-Christy Johnston-

An invitation is in your hands right now, inviting you to a secret garden. This garden is a place where fear is obliterated and peace abides. Peace is the atmosphere here, it permeates and runs through every fiber of air, it is the very substance of life. Joy spills through the very scent of surrounding flowers and their vibrant colors are speckled with gold. A place where everything flourishes and creativity abounds. The grand wispy trees sway in the gentle wind that blows here, with giant succulent fruit hanging from their branches, filled with heavenly revelation, beckoning to be eaten. The grass itself sings here, and even the vines burst with glory.

It is the garden of His presence.

In the midst of the unrest of the world, it is vital that you seek out His presence, His secret garden.

For the world has been growing hungrier for the fruit of an opposite garden, a barren, desolate wasteland that grows fruit of its own kind on trees that more or less resemble skeletons. The rotted fruit that awkwardly hangs on these shadows of trees, have been stung and poisoned by the flying insects of fear. When this fruit is eaten of, the taste of fear is digested and its decay rots into the core of a persons soul. It is a fruit that makes one hungrier for more, as they become wearily unaware of its side affects of blindness and illusion. The fruit, you see, does not appear rotted, by all outward appearances, it covers itself in shiny, bright and attractive colors, and this is how it allures its victims. Once the fear has been digested, it takes hold of the soul, distracting the eyes from the gate to the Secret Garden and filling the person with hate, violence and self-gratification.

In this hour of worldwide turbulence, I hear the Father whispering to hearts, “Dear ones, do not allow your hearts to be troubled. Seek Me in the quiet, seek my presence, for only I can drown out the noise of these toppling kingdoms of influence. Only in the quiet whisperings of My garden, in My presence, will you be able to hear the rush of my Wind as my Spirit moves and broods.” You see, God is moving. But you won’t hear Him through the noise. You won’t hear Him if you are eating the fruits of the media, for their fruits grow from the same trees of the barren wasteland. You won’t hear Him in gossip or hatred or violence, these fruits are from the barren wasteland. You won’t hear Him in the seeds of strife and bitterness being sown across social media right now, their fruits are one and the same.

God is calling you to the secret place of His garden. His garden is an atmosphere that fills your spirit, soul and body and permeates you through and through with the very substance of heaven. He fills you with Himself, literally. He pours the waters of His affection over you and refreshes you with His streams of bubbling, life-giving revelation. When you are refreshed and revitalized of Him, He then gives you seeds and says; ‘GO! Give of my fruit to the ones that are lost!’ Your invitation is not just to His garden, like many have kept the fruits to themselves, but the true invitation is to spread the seeds of His adoring love and germinate the world WITH His presence, that the whole world may experience the fruit and taste of His love. The fruits of His garden are not restricted and barricaded off to an untouchable section, His design is to bring this heavenly garden of His Kingdom to the world. His seeds produce life wherever they are dropped, even the barren wasteland cannot restrict His kingdom. These seeds of the Kingdom have been given into your hands, and the more you seek Him in the secret place, the more seeds are released to you. So GO! Go into His presence and then spread His Kingdom wherever you go, for this is what it means to live on earth as it is in heaven. This is what it means to seek Him first.