-Christy Johnston

I hear His voice in this hour over America and the Nations, The HARVEST is RIPE! The HARVEST is RIPE! The HARVEST is RIPE!

Everywhere we have travelled since our family arrived in the United States, I have seen ongoing daily prophetic signs of harvest. On our first day here we attended a harvest festival, and the recent massacre was also at a Harvest festival (which pinpoints the enemies fear of the coming harvest), to the Harvest moon, these are just a few of the many times that Harvest has been highlighted to me. I am aware it is fall/harvest season here in the U.S, but the Holy Spirit has confirmed to me time and again the spiritual season His Bride is entering through unexpected confirmations.

Four days ago, we walked through the Capitol building of the United States and something stood out to me that could easily be overlooked in the expanse of that magnificent building... on Roman-like columns there were RIPE ears of CORN that had been hand-carved all throughout the building. They stood out to me repetitively. Again, when I was visiting the Lincoln memorial, out the front and underneath a sculpture with an eagle on it, there were more ears of corn engraved on the columns that decorate the entrance there.

What’s more, some of the words inscribed in the memorial from Lincolns Gettysburg speech stood out to me as a prophetic declaration for right now. The address reads at the end; ‘that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom.’ The artwork above these speeches depicts “Emancipation" with an Angel of Truth freeing a slave.

What struck me immediately, is these prophetic symbols have been deeply ingrained into American heritage for this very hour. I have continued to see corn in random, unexpected places since then and when I asked the Holy Spirit what this all meant, in my spirit, I saw fields as far as the eye could see brimming with ripe corn ready for the picking.

He then led me to Joel 3:13: ‘Swing the sickle, for the harvest is ripe. Come, tread the grapes, for the winepress is full. The storage vats are overflowing with the wickedness of these people.’

When I looked up the definition of a sickle, I almost fell off my chair, it is described as ‘a short-handled farming tool with a semicircular blade, used for cutting CORN.’ These corn represents those who have been enslaved by the enemy, they are in bondage to his lies, but YOU, son and daughter of God, are being equipped with the sickle in this very moment to CUT them free and EMANCIPATE them to the TRUTH! That is the very nature of harvest.

Though America may be enduring many trials right now, I feel the tender love of the Father and the comfort of the Holy Spirit as He encourages and continues to strengthen His bride. These prophetic signs of corn that He orchestrated to be crafted into American history many years ago, were designed as an encouragement for His bride for this very moment in time. He knew we would need the encouragement. He knew we would feel scared and at times unsure... but I hear His voice, ‘RISE UP BELOVED! This is not a time to be scared, look to Me. I am equipping you and handing you the sickle. Go! For the HARVEST is RIPE. Seek out the lost, seek them out, set them free, EMANCIPATE them into my truth because the world is hurting... and I want to reach them THROUGH YOU. My corn is ready for the picking... now go HARVEST it... for it is OVERFLOWING!’

Christy Johnston