Many have been in a cloud of confusion as the enemy has been in a strategic war against the purposes of God over His children. A manipulative fog of chaos has been sent to confuse you and have you question Gods purposes for your life and what He has put on your heart. This distraction has been subtle, disguised through fear of man, chaotic and unusual circumstances, hesitation and discouragement, the enemy would have you first question if you have been hearing from God with the intention to have you then turn back and abort the Fathers plans for your life. Do NOT entertain these lies.

The key to this battle is worship and prayer. We see how Daniel also sought the Lord in worship and prayer when he was in need of answers in a time of chaos and confusion. The Father sent an immediate answer to Daniel by way of one of His messenger angels, but the angel encountered a battle with the enemy along his way. As the angel fought for 21 days, Daniel continued to seek God in prayer and worship. It was not the angel alone who won the battle against the enemy, it was Daniels worship that aided the victory against the warfare and the answer was finally released to come. I find it interesting that Daniel was standing alongside the River Tigris when the angel finally appeared to him with the answers he was seeking. The Tigris was the same river that initially flowed into the Garden of Eden and its original name means, ‘to separate, split apart and to sharpen.’ I believe God is SEPARATING the chaos and confusion from your life today and SPLITTING APART what has been coming against you, He is SHARPENING your spirit to hear His voice more clearly than ever before.

If you have been confused and questioning Gods voice, STAND YOUR GROUND! Do NOT retreat, do NOT flinch and do NOT back down. Lift up your battle cry in worship and speak in TONGUES… for in doing so, your prophetic decrees in the supernatural will, in turn, CONFUSE the ENEMY. Watch as the deliverance of the Lord unfolds before you and the tide of the battle turns in your favor. I see that as your worship enters the throne room, angels are being released on assignment to you, with the mission to clear the debris and cloud of chaos that has been surrounding you and bring you the answers you have been seeking. The atmosphere will clear and you will see the pathway set before you.

Psalm 56:9-11

The very day I call for help, the tide of battle turns. My enemies flee! This one thing I know: God is for me! I am trusting God – oh, praise His promises! I am not afraid of anything mere man can do to me! Yes, praise His promises.

(A quick side-note… notice the verses above, 9-11, the same numbers used in America to call in an emergency. When you are in a fight for your life, a state of confusion or in an emergency… your key to victory is always in worship and trusting God and His promises. Decree Psalm 91 over your life also today.)