America, the bells of RESTORATION are RINGING

I recently had an incredible dream that I have sensed an urgency to share. I have sat with the Holy Spirit about the interpretation of this dream for a number of days now and have also sought the counsel of trusted prophetic voices. I believe that this dream is a blueprint of a new sound that the Holy Spirit is releasing across America and I feel this is very significant for the door of destiny that the body of Christ is walking over the threshold of.


I was walking up the steps of a grand majestic tower and as I entered the large doorway, I paused on the threshold as I looked up and written over the doorway in gold writing was the title: TRUMP TOWER and directly above it was the number 3.

I walked inside and standing in the foyer was a large crowd surrounding someone who was on a platform in the very center of the tower. As I got closer I saw that it was Rodney Howard-Browne and he started shouting with authority in a prophetic decree. He reminded me in this moment of a royal announcer. Rodney shouted out with authority in a loud voice three times: "RING THE BELLS! RING THE BELLS! RING THE BELLS!"

As he said that, I looked up and saw that we were standing beneath a huge spherical like steeple, a bell tower, and there were three GIGANTIC gold bells above us. The crowd around me started pulling together in unison on the three ropes that hung down and were attached to the bells. They pulled slowly at first and the bells began to ring the most beautiful harmonized melody. As I looked up at the bells, I could physically see sound waves going out from the bells released through the windows of the tower and echoing out every which way. There was an excitement in the crowd as they began pulling on the ropes with more force and the bells started ringing faster and faster until they were ringing quite violently- but their sound was still majestic and beautiful. The only way I can describe it, was it sounded like a melodic war cry. I was watching the sound waves go out from the bells and it was as though they carried a purpose, as if the sound was carrying a mission as it came out from the bells and went out to every direction.

Allow me to explain some of the significant and symbolic elements and how it pertains to you…


I want to first highlight the number three. It was repeated three times in this dream; from the inscription number above the doorway, to the number of times Rodney Howard-Browne called out 'Ring the Bells,' and the three bells themselves. It is a meaningful number that represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in their fullness and is also symbolic of the Fathers purposes and plans coming to fulfillment. (Jeremiah 33:3 ‘Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’)


Bells are an icon of freedom in the United States, from the renowned liberty bell, to the justice bell; bells have significant symbolism in America’s history and interestingly were used as symbols of freedom. The Liberty bell and the Justice bell were both used in the movements to end racial slavery and also oppression against women. The Liberty bell's inscription captured my attention: "Proclaim LIBERTY Throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants Thereof." The Justice bell carries the same inscription with the added words: establish JUSTICE.

Bells are additionally used as calls to worship. They are chimed as an announcement to release the sound to worshippers that NOW IS THE TIME to WORSHIP. The fact that it stood out to me that they were gold bells signifies Gods glory and it is His glory that that this sound is releasing.


Trump is a sign that it is time to set the nation on the same frequency it was founded on in 1776. George Washington, the first president, received a vision for the republic as a gift from God in 1777 in Valley Forge. Trump, the 45th president, has received a word from God about the restoration of this nation: To Make America Great Again. He has released a sound and a frequency, which marks the beginning of turning back to the Lord.

Additionally, 'towers' are often mentioned in the bible as ‘watch towers’. They were used to stand guard over cities and vineyards.


Rodney is a revivalist. God has used him in mighty ways, notably his ministry is known for revival and restoration, accompanied by signs and wonders through powerful moves of the Holy Spirit. Rodney and his family frequently held revival meetings at my father’s church growing up and I have personally witnessed the awe inspiring and sometimes unusual ways in which the Holy Spirit has moved through Rodney’s ministry.


I believe that in the seasons gone America has once again undergone a time of slavery, but it has been a more cunning, manipulative slavery; a perversion and captivity of truth. The lines of truth and justice have been so confused and muddied that those who stand for the Father’s truth and justice have been bullied and cast out, told to stay quiet, but the Father’s plans of restoration are unfolding. I see that His hidden plans are being unraveled to His leaders, His voices who will cry out in the streets and commission an army of worshippers to RING THE BELLS and RELEASE His MIGHTY SOUND.

This sound is coming forth from the cries, prayers and decrees of His people as they pull on heaven. It is your worship that is pulling on the ropes of the bells, aligning your heart with His heart and releasing heavens SOUND across every corner of America. It is a sound of AWAKENING and REVIVAL, reviving those that have fallen asleep and those who are lost and it is RINGING OUT in a proclamation of LIBERTY to the captives and an unveiling of TRUTH and JUSTICE!

This new government is like a watchtower over the coming sound waves that will PURIFY the lies and injustices that have corrupted and brainwashed the people of the nation for too long. As this melodic war cry of WORSHIP is released in the heavenly realm I see it will gain speedy momentum over LIBERTY and JUSTICE as the Kingdom of heaven is released to every direction across the earth.

I see God’s sons and daughters in exhilarating excitement as they partner with heaven together and in unity. You will see with your very eyes, the sound WAVES of His glory washing over and cleansing an entire nation.


It is your voice, your prayers and your worship that are PULLING on the ropes to bring heaven to earth. Some might say that this sounds too easy, but I assure you, as you lift your heart heavenward, unite with the body with Christ and refuse to use your mouth for anything but blessings, you are USHERING in the SOUND of His awakening.

Whether you are in America or not, an awakening to TRUTH is RINGING in the Kingdom of Heaven right now and it is ringing and resounding this war cry to earth: “ESTABLISH JUSTICE and TRUTH! Proclaim LIBERTY Throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants Thereof.”