I saw in my spirit a picture of many of God’s children that have been in a place of waiting on the fulfillment of long-awaited promises and they were growing weary in the waiting. They were feeling tired and fragile and on the edge of giving up, asking God if the promises He had given them were even real. My heartfelt compassion for them as there are promises in waiting that we ourselves have been contending for, but I heard the Holy Spirit say; “Now is NOT the time to give up. Look closer.”

As I looked closer, I saw that these precious ones were camping on the very BORDER of their promises, but the border of their promised land was invisible to them, almost as though there was a dividing wall of invisibility that stood between them and what they had been believing for. Therefore, it was difficult for them to SEE just how CLOSE they were to crossing over.

It was then that I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Instruct them to SING their SONG of VICTORY right NOW BEFORE they see the breakthrough.” So I called out to the many that I could see in waiting, and I instructed them to SING. Some were hesitant, it was the last thing they felt like doing, but as they started to sing, even reluctantly and quietly at first, something began to happen.

As they lifted up their songs of worship and praise to the Father, a transformation began to occur. Firstly, it was a physical shift whereby you could see the countenances of sorrow, exhaustion, depression, and hopelessness begin to turn into countenances of joy, delight, courage, and strength. The people went from sitting and looking hopelessly at the ground to standing, jumping, and dancing, looking up towards their King and engaging with heaven. What was a quiet and reluctant song at first, transformed into a beautiful SOUND, it felt like I was in the throne room of heaven.

As the song of VICTORY continued, it began to flow and ebb with the Holy Spirit as He moved like the wind amongst His people, breathing fresh life, hope, strength, joy, and revelation into them and blowing away all sorrow and sighing. I also saw Jesus standing in their midst and angels began to converge and surround them, some angels were weapons of worship, and others were weapons of breakthrough, they were on a direct assignment because of the very song the people were singing. The people remained engaged with Jesus, focused on His beauty and hopelessness was forgotten. As this song of victory grew in strength and sound, I recognized this was not your typical song of worship. This song was a weapon of warfare against the walls standing between the promises of God for their breakthrough. A mighty thunder began to erupt all around and the people’s song of victory only further intensified.

As though breaking through a sound barrier, their worship to Jesus increased, and with it, the thunder around them increased, until with a mighty shout, the SOUND of their SONG SUDDENLY BROKE THROUGH the WALLS that were standing between them and their promises. I saw many fall to the ground on their knees as the Glory of the Lord fell upon them and the reality of crossing over was before them. They wept with tears of joy as Jesus walked across the broken rubble of the invisible walls with them and led them into the promises they had been waiting for.

Psalm 149:5-9Amplified Bible, 
5 Let the saints be joyful in the glory and beauty [which God confers upon them]; let them sing for joy upon their beds.
6 Let the high praises of God be in their throats and a two-edged sword in their hands,

Beloved ones, I want to encourage you, seize this prophetic vision for yourself and take hold of its instructions. If you have been waiting for your promise, begin to lift up your songs of VICTORY right NOW, before you see your breakthrough. Because it is your song of worship that becomes the sword in your hand for warfare. It will be the sound of your song to Him that will BREAK the barriers down that have been preventing you from your promise. You are on the PRECIPICE of VICTORY. Start to SING your SONG of VICTORY NOW, for it is going to cause you to CROSS over into your promised land.

Christy Johnston