-Christy Johnston


A number of weeks ago, I woke up after literally hearing the Holy Spirit whispering to me all night long in my sleep. It was bizarre because although it is quite normal for me to dream almost nightly, this however, was no dream. I can only describe it as though the Holy Spirit was right up in my ear with His soothing voice and whispering into my spirit just two words repetitively as I slept. He simply whispered, ‘Juniper Tree.’ I woke up somewhat perplexed and immediately wrote it down and then did not think much else of it, until I was sitting with my daughters later that morning watching one of their favorite shows with them. One of the characters on this children’s ‘horse’ show suddenly mentioned out of nowhere how he had made for himself a saddle, out of… you guessed it… A JUNIPER TREE! I almost fell off the couch and said out loud, ‘Ok Holy Spirit, you have my attention!’ The last few weeks have been a treasure hunt of sorts and I believe Holy Spirits message relating to this tree is a word to the body of Christ- particularly to those who have been ‘battle weary’ and exhausted.


Immediately, I was drawn to the story of Elijah, where the showdown with the false prophets of Baal had just taken place. (See 1 Kings 19). In a time where Elijah should have been celebrating the victory God delivered through him, he was instead weary and susceptible to the lies and threats of the enemy. Rather than finding solace in the Father, whom moments ago, He was entirely dependent upon, he suddenly found himself running from an empty and powerless threat. He wandered into the wilderness and found refuge under a Juniper tree and asked God to take his life.

Here, I saw a vision of many of God’s children that have found themselves in recent weeks in this same position. I saw a picture of sons and daughters alike who were covered in dirt, blood and scars…. They had seen many ongoing days of warfare and were contending for victory, some were on the other side of their victory while others were still in the thick of the battle, but both looked utterly fatigued. The fight had brought them to a place of weariness and exhaustion and they were dragging their feet, barely able to stand up as they wandered around aimlessly. Like Elijah, I saw that they felt as though they could not fight anymore and just wanted to give up entirely.

I felt the Fathers compassion and love for these soldiers, His beloved ones. I then saw that these weary warriors were susceptible to the lies and empty threats of the enemy – I could hear the enemy as he began taunting and his lies rung out through the atmosphere and it sounded powerful and daunting. I was drawn closer to the enemy himself and I saw he was holding a megaphone… his feeble voice sounded intimidating and it was causing these warriors to run and hide from his threats. In actuality, his words were bluff and they carried NO weight or credibility, it was merely projected in a tone that appeared loud and frightening but he had no power to do anything. I then saw these warriors scattering and running to evade the apparent danger.


As they ran, the fear of the enemies empty intimidation had misguided them into a wilderness and they were crying out to God, ‘where are you? Have you forgotten me?’ They were beyond depleted, both physically and spiritually. Again, I felt the Fathers compassion for them, they were searching for cover and shade, susceptible to mirages and lies and they were feeling as though God had abandoned them. When suddenly, I saw Juniper Trees begin to sprout up alongside streams of gushing water that came forth in the MIDDLE of the desert. The Father had NOT forgotten them nor had He abandoned them. He made a way for them in the MIDDLE of their exhaustion and weariness. Knowing they could not take another step, He provided REST, COVERING and REPLENISHMENT to them in the middle of the desert heat and hid them under the umbrella of His protection.

Juniper trees are a fascinating prophetic image. They are known to grow in deserts alongside streams of water and they are used as a shelter and a covering from scorching conditions. They are a part of the evergreen family – which means their leaves are always green, no matter the season, and they can grow in harsh environments. Ironically, the Juniper is shaped like an umbrella. Just yesterday, a beautiful friend gave me ‘Juniper Essential Oil’ and in researching about it, I found that it carries many healing properties – essentially it helps to protect wounds from infection and it helps to improve blood circulation, which aids in removing toxins from the body. I believe the Juniper is a picture of the Father's wings, covering and protecting His beloved ones, providing rest, replenishment and healing. He removes toxins and prevents ‘wounds' from becoming infected when we hide under His shadow.

As this vision continued, I heard the Father say to His warriors hiding under His shelter, ‘Beloved, arise and EAT!’ I then saw them pick up a loaf of bread that had the words TRUTH engrafted onto it, it had been laid before them and they literally devoured it. They were eating of His Word in their weariness and I watched as the countenance upon their faces was REPLENISHED and miraculously strengthened.


When Elijah too, ate the food prepared for him a second time, this food then strengthened him to go on a journey for forty days to the mountain of God. It was at this very mountain that God came to him in a still small voice and repositioned him on the path he needed to go.

I then saw in the vision a picture of these warriors too, being REPOSITIONED. Where they had lost the strength to fight, God was not only RESTORING the strength that was lost in the previous battle, He was equipping them with SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH by guiding them back into the heart of His presence. It was in this place of surrender and quiet stillness that the Father REPOSITIONED their hearts with a RESOLVE of a new purpose for their heavenly assignments. I saw that NO ground had been lost and that this season of refreshing was needed to RE-EQUIP them with tools and supernatural strength to raise up others like them to bring the manifest Kingdom of God to the earth (see 1 Kings 19:19).

I saw these warriors were not only restored and refreshed but RE-ENERGIZED with GREATER RESOLVE to fulfill the call of God upon their lives – they had a fire in their eyes unlike any I have seen before. The enemies’ attempts to scream his lies and threats to them fell on deaf ears as their once weary bodies and spirits were REVIVED with the TRUTH. I watched as they marched back onto the path God had prepared for them and I saw MANY following behind them. The trail behind them was blazing with FIRE as their heavenly assignment became a light in the darkness, calling others back to where they belonged and equipping them to also fulfill the call of God on their lives. The strength that was restored to them under the Juniper tree became the very strength they rode upon as a saddle. These trailblazing warriors burned with FRESH purpose and unquenchable fire in their eyes.


I prophesy and declare over those who have been battle weary; your season of replenishment is upon you. Just as the Juniper is an evergreen, I see that your STRENGTH will supernaturally EVERLAST, it will be an ongoing strength in every season as a testimony for others of the Lords goodness over your life. The Father is restoring and repositioning you for greater days ahead. Arise and eat, warrior! Your days of exhaustion and weariness are behind you.

Isaiah 55:12-13

You will go out in joy
    and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and hills
    will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field
    will clap their hands.
13 Instead of the thornbush will grow the juniper,
    and instead of briers, the myrtle will grow.
This will be for the Lord’s renown,
    for an everlasting sign,
    that will endure forever.”



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