LOS ANGELES, WAVES of LOVE are coming!


The waves are coming.

-Christy Johnston-

I was sitting with the Father in worship recently and I felt a prompting to pray for the city of Los Angeles as I saw a vision of it in my mind. As I continued to worship, I was all of a sudden high up over the city looking down over the vast horizon of seemingly endless lights that stretch as far as the eye can see. I was instantly reminded of a vision I had seen many years earlier as I watched the same vision play out once again, but this time, with more detail. Nate and I have a strong connection to this city and many years ago, I saw a simple vision of waves of GLORY coming in from the East of America (it was a supernatural wave from the East) and washing over the shores of Los Angeles. I saw this once again and I heard the Father say, “Los Angeles, My beloved. My Waves of Love and Glory are coming for you.”

Waves of Mercy and Cleansing.

I watched as mighty waves began to surge at sea in the East of the United States and swiftly began washing over the entire land until it reached Los Angeles and crashed in over the cities vast expanse, NOT in a destructive way, but I immediately sensed these waves were on a mission of mercy and cleansing. They passed through each and every street washed over each and every house and permeated the entire city until it was immersed completely in GLORY. Now please hear this message, these waves were NOT destructive. God was not sending judgment and the waves did NOT wipe the city out like many doomsday words have declared. It was the complete opposite of doom and I felt this SO strongly, it was WAVES of His LOVE reaching the unreachable. These were WAVES of the Fathers INTENSE, FIERY AND PASSIONATE LOVE and they were pursuing the elite and the homeless, the famous and the forgotten, the rich and the poor. His love and His glory washed through every conceivable space, leaving not one street untouched and cleansing everything in its pathway. Streets that appeared dark and dirty, were in a moment, cleansed and washed clean as the waves burst through. I felt such an excitement and awe as I watched the city begin to glitter and sparkle afresh with His Glory. God has marked this city for His glory.

Hollywood will be transformed. 

I then saw the waves lapping up over the sign of Hollywood and as the water consumed the sign I watched as its letters transformed beneath the water into the letters; H-O-L-Y! I started to weep as I watched this transformation of glory and I was overcome with the Father’s consuming passion for this city. I then heard the Holy Spirit’s whisper, “Prophesy an awakening of my Love and Glory over this city!” So I started to speak this out and as I did I then saw countless numbers of people, both famous and ordinary people having face to face encounters with Jesus as they slept. I saw Jesus visiting them in their sleep and they awoke with blindfolds lifted from their eyes and I at once heard the words, “Watch what I can do in a moment.”

I then saw the entertainment industry flipping upside down. It’s difficult to describe this part, but I was watching a world that was the wrong side up, turning right side up as though God was holding it in His hands and turning it back around to its original purpose and intention. As it flipped, darkness fell off it like a blanket and all the perversions fell with it. Without warning, producers, writers, and musician’s narratives instantaneously changed; they were all at once inspired by heaven and drawn to writing about the things of God. Music and movies alike were being released in vast numbers that depicted the love and glory of the Father and people were flocking to the City of Angels to encounter the presence of God. As this continued, the waves of glory only increased all the more.

A city reformed.

I sense so strongly that the time is upon us where the city of Angels is about to be reformed and awoken. Where it has been filled with angels of the dark, it is about to be overpowered with angels of the LIGHT. I see an invasion of GLORY and LOVE sweeping across its vast expanse. I see those that have been long contending for awakening in this city and I want to encourage you, you are about to see with your very eyes the answers to the prayers you have long prayed for, so don’t stop praying!

I want to encourage those reading this to speak and prophesy these words with me over the city of Los Angeles, over the entertainment and music industries; “We prophesy an awakening of the Father’s consuming love. We stand in agreement that we will SEE the waves of the Fathers LOVE and Glory wash over, cleanse and renew the city of Angels. Los Angeles, WE DECREE, you are DESTINED FOR GLORY!!!”


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