'My Love! Allow me to carry your broken heart!'

'MY LOVE- ALLOW ME TO CARRY YOUR BROKEN HEART '- HEALING FOR THE BROKEN HEARTED MOTHERS - those who have suffered miscarriage, still birth, infant loss and for those who carry the wounds of abortion.

By Christy Johnston

I heard the Holy Spirits whisper this morning very strongly, “Write to the mothers; the mothers who have lost their babies and are grieving and the mothers who have aborted their babies and are living with the guilt, I want you to share my heart with them.” I want to remain as sensitive as possible, however, I felt I had to share this, because I believe the Father wants to bring complete wholeness to every mother. I realize the two situations are entirely different and I am in no way likening them to each other, but I do know that the Fathers desire is to heal each beautiful mother of her broken heart.

As I asked Him what He would have me share, I first saw a picture of a grieving mother; in her hands she was holding the broken fragments of her heart. The promise she had waited for and celebrated for had been shattered in a moment and her pain was insurmountable. Kneeled over in agony she wept as a cloud of questions surrounded her and she cried out to God in her grief, “How could you let this happen? Why did it have to happen to my baby?” In that moment, I saw the Father come behind her and wrap His warm loving arms around her. As He embraced her, I saw her initially resist His comfort, afraid to let go of her pain, but as she finally surrendered and leaned in to His affection, I saw pain oozing out of her like poison. The Father did not let go, the longer He held her, the tighter His embrace became. 

As He continued to hold her, I saw Jesus walk up to her. She was still weeping, but her grief had eased with the touch of the Fathers love. Jesus held out His hands to hers and again she was resistant to hand over her broken heart. He gently whispered, ‘My love, allow me to carry your heart.’ As He reached out again, her tightly clenched hands loosened their grip and she poured the broken remnants into His hands, sighing relief as she did. 


I then saw a picture of the mother who had aborted her baby. The reasons behind her abortion were unclear, but one thing was certain, the Father wanted to heal her of her wounds also. I saw this mother hurriedly burying fragments of her heart, looking over her shoulder, she was desperately trying to cover over and hide the shame, guilt and regret of what had happened. I again saw the Father walk up behind her gently and embrace her also. She too, resisted, but this time in fear. She trembled as He lavished her with His love and affection as His embrace around her squeezed out the fear, and finally she fell limp in His arms as He picked up her up like a child, He whispered into her hear, ‘my darling, you are forgiven’ as tears streamed down her face. As He held her there, Jesus appeared and came over to the place where her heart had been buried. He dug up the pieces and held them in His hands. 


The next scene that unfolded was the same for both, as Jesus held the fragments of the broken hearts in His hands and they began swirling around with light bursting through them. Some pieces of the hearts looked dark and ill, but as the light of His love burst through each individual piece I saw them mend back together completely whole. Finally, He held the hearts in the palm of His hands, they each were bursting forth with light and vibrant healthy color, completely mended whole. It was impossible to tell that they had ever been broken. The interesting thing was, as I expected Him to place the hearts back into these women, He instead held the hearts over His own as they infused into His being.

I also want to share something else that He showed me. I saw the precious children of both these mothers in heaven. They were busy with tasks at hand, overseeing prayer teams for their mothers, they had blueprints in their little hands that they were directing angels to, and though they were little, they carried kingly, giant authority. They were strategic in helping their mothers on earth carry out their callings. I sensed the Fathers delight in them, and His delight in their mothers also. That though they were apart in body, they were still united in spirit and these children were assigned with overseeing their mothers destiny. 

I feel the Fathers heart for these mothers, and if that is you today, He wants to reassure you that your children are more than safe with Him. They run and dance in His courts and their laughter resounds throughout heaven. He has given them special authority to carry out heavenly assignments as they pray for you on earth. They eagerly await you. You have not lost the opportunity to raise them, for you will do so in heaven. For the ones that were aborted, there is no sense of remorse in their hearts and they long for you to champion other mothers who are faced with the same choice. Your pain will become another mothers strength and you will rescue many other mothers from walking through what you have walked through, you will be their strength to choose life. For every mother that has lost her child here on earth, your children want to see you fulfill your destiny here, and they are a huge part of ensuring that you do. 

Though questions may still remain, I want to encourage you to lean in to the Father, for He is NOT the one who has taken them away, the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but He has rescued them, and they are now safe in His arms. His desire now is for you to be healed and made whole. The enemy MUST pay for what He has stolen from you. I declare over you that your promise WILL be restored with the baby you yearn for, not replaced, but restored and your life and the lives of your children and your children to come will greatly crush the enemy and His plans. For every mother that has struggled to conceive, I prophesy in the name of Jesus that your womb would open and function the way God intended for it to function. (Psalm 113:9 'He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the Lord). 

Rest in His arms today, give Him the fragments of your heart, He longs to heal every part of your brokenness and He will lead you out whole, armed with strength and positioned with great honor. I see you and your children, those on earth and in heaven rising up to call you blessed and you will together be a force to be reckoned with against the enemy and his schemes. 

Psalm 103:2-4 Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all his benefits— 
who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, 
who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion,

Psalm 147:3 He heals the heartbroken and saves the crushed in spirit.