-Christy Johnston- 

I saw a vision of God’s people looking around appearing bewildered. I have seen this a number of times in the past month, where I have watched a vision play out of people looking perplexed and wondering where the year had gone and what had happened to the promises they had been given for 2017. When the year 5777 and 2017 began, many stepped over the threshold with expectancy to see promises fulfilled, however, I saw that many had endured ruthless and relentless attack this year from the enemy and they had lost their sense of expectancy along the way.

The Holy Spirit's Call

I believe the enemy’s strategy this year has been to wear down the people of God with unexpected frustrations, distractions, and setbacks. Satan’s intent has been to confuse the pathway ahead and create disappointment over the promises God has given His people for this year. I saw many ‘little’ problems swirling around God’s people like mosquitos. They were small problems that when banded together, created a more chaotic force around the people as a distraction from moving forward and to essentially lose all hope and faith. The people had become preoccupied with catching the mosquito problems and were in defense mode, turning this way and that to swat them away. I then saw a pathway light up in front of them that led through a dense forest and out into an expansive space alongside a beautiful river. However, because the pathway looked unfamiliar and new, I sensed that many were resistant to walk upon it, as their faith had taken a beating through the years onslaughts, and many chose instead to stay and fight off the ‘mosquito’ distractions. I then heard the Holy Spirits voice whispering along the pathway, “Come to the River. Come to the river.” His whisper caught the attention of many and they immediately stopped looking around at the problems and situations and began walking towards His call. Strangely, I watched as the mosquitoes no longer had any effect on them, and these mosquitoes sensed their loss of control so they suddenly began to scream words of accusation as they buzzed around the people who walked forward onto the lighted path. Though the accusations distracted for a moment, I was encouraged to see the people continue to walk ahead, undeterred with a new zeal in their eyes. It seemed to me that the chaos they had endured from the many agitations had only strengthened them to move forward and they pressed on into the forest. The Holy Spirit’s whisper grew louder as they walked through unknown territory and finally they reached the clearing on the other side. I no longer could see the irritant mosquitoes and their screaming accusations could no longer be heard. The irritants were repelled by the river itself and remained with those who had not dared to venture on.

The river was soothing and calming, and I saw it contained healing properties. Those who had journeyed there stooped down and washed the bites and wounds from the past season of irritants that they had endured. The water cleansed them and refreshed them and the voice of the Holy Spirit could be heard clearly across the waters. He was calling out across the ripples, new direction and clarity. As the people sat along the riverbed, they received His words and they were gifted with reinvigoration and their faith was strengthened.

Wait, listen and surrender.

I sense this as a directional word for those who have found themselves like those I saw in my vision: surrounded by disruption, commotion, and setbacks. Perhaps you can relate to the unexpected disturbances to your journey this year, lots of little problems that have turned into bigger problems and maybe you have felt a loss of expectancy and hope for the promises that He has given you.

I hear the Holy Spirit calling to you today, “Come to the River. Come to the River.” Those moments where you find yourself facing a disturbance or frustration, He is calling you… ‘Come to ME! Turn aside from what is distracting and turn your ear to me and follow my path for your life.” His path may not make sense in the process, and it could be very tempting to stay and fight off the distractions, disturbances, and accusations, but I hear Him calling again and again, “Come to the River. Drink of Me! Allow my words to soothe you, heal you and cleanse you. You will find reinvigorating strength as you drink from My truth.”

Holy Spirit led me to Isaiah 55:1 in the Amplified where it says; Wait and listen, everyone who is thirsty! Come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Yes, come, buy (priceless spiritual) wine and milk without money and without price (simply for the self-surrender that accepts the blessing.) Notice the keys in the verse are to ‘wait and listen’, and ‘simple self-surrender.’ Wait and listen to His voice, He will guide you to the waters. Then surrender. Surrender the past disappointments, loss of hope and despondency… and refuse to agree with it anymore. This is the key that brings you into the blessings and promises that you have been waiting and longing for.

There is a River.

I heard the Holy Spirit also say, “The year is not done yet. Watch and see. As you come to me, new rivers and roads will open up before you.” I believe the next number of months is going to be a strategic alignment of prophetic words and promises aligning over your life as you simply “Come to the River.” It is so important to be positioned by the rushing streams of His revelation because His Word is ever flowing, it is not stagnant, and His Words of truth will repel the distractions, disappointments, and accusations that have been coming against you. Mosquitos only hang around stagnant water, so if you find yourself in a place of frustration, I encourage you today… begin MOVING on the pathway the Holy Spirit has highlighted to you. Move towards His words of truth over you. Your year is not over and the promises are not empty, His promises for your life are BRIMMING over and waiting for you to simply, “Come to the River.” And the most beautiful part of the story is, as you come… that river begins to FLOW THROUGH YOU, for you are the Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit, and He not only wants to refresh you, but He wants to SURGE His gladness and joy through you to those around you.

Come, beloved. Come to the River.

Psalm 46:4 There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the Most High.




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