-Christy Johnston

I have felt such an intensity over the past few days to increase my prayer and aligning my heart with heaven over my own family, calling them into the light. I hear the Father saying 'I am bringing them home'. I sense a heightened increase in angelic activity to answer the prayers of those praying for their loved ones who are yet to come to Jesus. I hear the Father saying, 'do not lose hope when it looks the darkest or when it looks impossible, press in and don't grow weary in praying for them. Your prayers are being released over them like a protective shield. My mercy covers them.'

I see the mother praying over her children whose paths have diverted away, I see the father who fervently prays for his children, the son and daughter praying for their parents. I see the one praying for their spouse, uncles, aunts and cousins, nieces and nephews and grandparents, and I see the Heavenly Father responding to their tears of brokenness with love and mercy, saying with tenderness, 'they are not lost for My eye is upon them and My heart is in passionate and ferocious pursuit of them. I know just how to reach them and I am devoted to them. I will not stop until they turn to me.'

Do not despair, for the hopelessness that they may be walking through right now will one day soon serve as their testimony and the very key in which they will too bring others home into the love of Jesus.

I see an increase in angels being released on assignment to watch over, protect and guide your loved ones back to the Father, I see these Angels ministering to them and strategically bringing people across the paths of your loved ones that will speak truth into their lives and I hear the resounding call of Gods decree, 'Do not give up! Keep praying for them! I am bringing them to myself.'

The call of God on their lives will not return void, they carry significant purpose and the time is coming where they will run into His wide open arms with tears streaming down their faces, 'I'm home.'

Christy Johnston