Watch in 2017 as His new wine pours out in greater measure

A month ago I was drawn to the story of Jesus' first miracle of His ministry where He turned the water to wine and in the last few days I have felt the Father show me what I believe to be His purposes for not just 2017, but for the years to come through this story. 

The miracle of water to wine that took place at Cana was not just a random turn of events, it was orchestrated by heaven as a prophetic message of what was to come through Jesus and I believe it is also significant for the times we are living in right now. (You can read the story in John 2). 



When Jesus' mother learned that the wine at the wedding had run out and proceeded to instruct Jesus, there were six stone water pots set to the side that He used. The bible describes these types of water pots as being used for the Jewish customs of purification. The water in these jars was used for purification after being unclean based on their customs. Uncleanliness was a sign of unrighteousness and they were required to bathe in this water in these pots to become purified. 

Interestingly, the number six is the number of man. On the sixth day God created man. I love that Jesus used these six stone pots, not out of convenience, but out of direct purpose. He specifically used these six jars that symbolically required mans efforts to attain holiness and cleanliness, and in a moment, filled them with a substance that only He could create. It also paints the picture of His wine and presence FILLING both man and woman.

I believe we have been and will continue to see in greater levels, a purification of cleansing, both individually and in the church as a whole. What I mean by this is, the Holy Spirit is cleansing His people from anything in their hearts that would hold them back from experiencing an outpouring of His presence. Many are offended by the presence, just as many were offended in Jesus' day by His tendencies to overhaul man made laws and traditions. I sense we are moving into a shift, whereby the need for His presence will far outweigh any rule or tradition. 

I see church services overtaken entirely by the Holy Spirit as He shifts and shakes, pouring out His presence into the hearts of those who are thirsty. It is said in John 2 that before the water turned to wine, the servants filled the pots to the full. The Father is FILLING His church to the full in this hour with the splendour of His glory. 


Something that stood out to me in this story was the conversation between Jesus and His mother, Mary in John 2:3-5; 'When the wine was all gone, the mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no more wine.” Jesus said to her, “Dear woman, what is that to you and to Me? My time to act and to be revealed has not yet come.” His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.” 

Notice that Jesus did not address her as 'mother' but as 'woman' and that he did not deny her, but rather, He made room for her to exercise her authority. I believe he did this in order to reinstate what was lost in the garden by way of Eve. Mary not only commissioned Jesus by drawing out His first miracle for His ministry, but it was as if in that moment, Jesus was affirming to 'Woman' that her honor and her authority would be restored. 

I believe we are about to see a rise of women exercising their rightful authority on the earth. I am not referring to feminism, but I believe that women have been oppressed for far too many generations in the church and the Holy Spirit is breathing new life over the voices of His daughters.  We have seen an increase of this, however, I believe we are about to see an unprecedented awakening as the lionesses within are awoken from their slumber as they realize their true identity.  As these powerful women in every field take their ground, they will shake the earth with Gods justice and unleash His miraculous powers and decree freedom over the slaves, they will commission miracles, just as Mary did. These lionesses, are keys to commissioning and unlocking the great awakening that we stand at the threshold of. 


The Hebrew/Aramaic word for wine used in John 2 is 'yayin' which translates; the blood of the grape or fermented wine. Though the scripture does not tell us specifically whether the wine was red or white, it can be presumed through this translation that it was in fact red. A picture of His blood. Wine is also a symbol of His glory. 

Not only was this wine symbolic of the coming cross, of His blood and glory, I believe it is a representation of the prophesied great awakening, the billion soul harvest (as prophesied by Bob Jones). When the head- waiter tasted the wine, unknowing that it had been miraculously turned from water, he made this statement to the groom: "Everyone else serves his best wine first, and when people have drunk freely, then he serves that which is not so good; but you have kept back the good wine until now.” Notice that the 'Bridegroom' was the one who received the praise for this miracle. Too, our Bridegroom, Jesus, will receive all the praise and glory for this wine outpouring. 

While we have seen many revivals break out throughout the ages, I believe that as many of the greats have prophesied, that we are on the precipice or threshold of the greatest revival we have ever seen. I can't tell you a timeframe, but I know it is very close. I see that we are beginning to drink of this fermented wine of His Spirit and what we are about to partake of has been saved as the best for last. 

Haggai 2:9 confirms this where it says; 'The final glory of this house will be greater than the first," says the LORD of Hosts. "I will provide peace in this place"--this is the declaration of the LORD of Hosts.' 

It is a wine that will intoxicate the earth with His love. 

The key to unlocking this new wine is simply bathing in His presence. As we turn from our own agendas and surround ourselves with His intoxicating love, entering into His presence with joy, He will do what only He can do. Zechariah 4:6 says; 'So he said to me, "This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: 'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty.' This is not something that can be orchestrated by our own hands, but by hearts surrendered to His heart. 

The earth is groaning and aching, desperate for the children of God to be revealed. I believe 2017 is going to be a year of refreshing and renewing over the sons and daughters of the King. As the wine of heaven pours over Gods children, we will witness the greater that Jesus spoke of in John 14:12; 'Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.'

As His lovers arise, they will touch every forgotten corner, bring back every wayward son and every broken daughter will be carried home. Just as the miracle of the water to wine was at a wedding, the Bride of Jesus has been undergoing her preparations for the coming time of the outpouring of His wine. Gods sons and daughters from all across the earth are being stirred and awoken to their true identity and to carry out their rightful purpose, taking up the positions assigned to them by heaven. 

I see a new dawn of hope arising over 2017, and while the earth may grow darker, the resplendent glory of Gods new wine being poured out will be an impact that will resound across every heart and draw the list to Him. 

I encourage you to press into His heart as 2016 closes and commit yourself to His presence in this coming year. You play a significant role in what God longs to pour out and I promise you, He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him ❤️

Nate Johnston