This is your Butterfly Season - It is time to EMERGE

Yesterday on the Gold Coast and in other parts of our state, our city was suddenly overwhelmed with an explosion of butterflies in migration. Thousands upon thousands of butterflies descended on our city, filling our backyards and every possible air space. It was absolutely beautiful.

God is natural as much as He is supernatural, so when something catches your eye, always ask the Father what He is saying to you in it. I felt the Holy Spirit impress to me that this was representative of a sudden explosion of a new season of life. Where many of Gods children have felt grounded and frustrated in their callings, there is an EXPLOSION coming, whereby you are undergoing a metamorphosis, being transformed from the ground into the sky.

The migration of butterflies coincided with a heatwave, and I felt this was also significant. You have been feeling the heat of circumstances and trials, but God is saying to you, 'press into me! Lean into me! I am transforming you and this heat will be the very essence that will lift you higher. Do not resist the heat, for just as warm air rises, you are rising with NEW WINGS for this new season that is upon you.'

God is migrating you, His sons and daughters from the land of wilderness where you felt you could only crawl, but you will fly into your promised land. You have been in preparation, just as the caterpillar spends its life in preparation, eating of the fruits of the ground, you have been in training for this coming season. It will be a SUDDENLY! Just as the thousands of butterflies descended SUDDENLY yesterday on the Gold Coast, you are about to experience a SUDDEN change of spiritual authority and new foresight.

Interestingly, butterflies have incredible vision and they are able to see much further than they could have when they were in their caterpillar bodies. Your vision is about to expand as God increases your ability to see beyond where you have currently seen.

The nations are about to experience an overwhelming FLOOD and EXPLOSION of Gods sons and daughters taking flight in authority and possession of their land and we will see the hearts of children turn back to the Father.