Carriers of Justice - Pick up your baton!

Recently, God spoke to me through an encounter in a dream as He so often does. The dreams I receive from Him are very vivid and often portray a parable, instruction or sometimes an actual encounter with Him. I have learnt to write them all down immediately the following morning as I have found time and time again how the parables and instructions within them always ring true.

In this particular dream I was watching on as millions of people, of every race and color were walking up to a podium of sorts. At the bottom of the podium lay two different variations of batons, one pile was red, the other pile was blue. I instinctually knew in the dream that these particular people that I was observing were Christians. Some began running towards red batons with fervent decisiveness while others were walking slowly towards the red batons with caution, still, others remained at a further distance and were waiting to watch what would happen to those that picked up the red. It intrigued me in the dream because I wanted to be a part of picking up the batons, but I was held back. I simply heard the Father say, pray and watch. So I continued to watch on as I prayed under my breath.


People within the crowd began running towards the blue batons, with equal decisiveness to those who ran for the red. They seemed determined in their decision. I could hear a murmuring in the crowd as I noticed that some people emerged with blindfolds over their eyes. They seemed to walk unknowingly up to the blue batons and picked them up with a sense of confusion. I couldn’t help but wonder why they were blindfolded as I watched yet more and more blindfolded and wide-eyed folk make their way towards the blue batons. Still, others lingered behind watching and waiting with caution.

As I watched this scene unfold, I was drawn to the red batons once again. In the thick of the crowd, I could see that the very moment the people picked up the red batons, these batons then transformed into spiritual form within their hands. The words ‘Justice’, ‘Peace’, and ‘Security’ began swirling around in their hands like mini whirlwinds with sparks of lightning and small fiery particles whisking about. The people held out their hands in awe and ecstatic excitement as they together overjoyed in delight of the marvel in front of them.

I was then immediately drawn to the crowd gathering around the blue batons and I noticed a very similar unfolding. The moment the people picked up their blue baton, their batons also underwent a transformation, but these words and spiritual forms were menacing, the words ‘death’, ‘fear’ and ‘destruction’ whipped up a storm within their hands as they altered once more into dragons and serpents, still others were weapons of mass destruction. As the dream concluded, I stood watching this both overjoyed and horrified at the two starkly contrast results that played out before me. And then I awoke, slightly shaken.

I immediately went to look up what a baton represents, and I found that a baton can represent spiritual authority. It is also the passing on of something. If you are familiar with a baton race in track and field, you will know that it is a team effort to win the race, each member races a distance and passes the baton to another team member, they work together in order to win the race. It is the passing on of spiritual inheritance and authority.

I believe this dream is significant of the U.S election in this present hour.

I believe God has reinstated the baton of justice back into the hands of His people. Through this election, I believe He has given you the opportunity to choose justice over comfort and justice over your own agenda. The church has been silenced on major issues for far too long now, with the dark narratives of the politically correct spirits hushing God’s children into oblivion. But no more! There is a stirring in your spirit to no longer be silenced and to be part of something greater than what you can see with your eyes. This election is not about the two people running for office as much as it is about the justice that hangs in the balance within your reach. You have the authority within your hands to reach for justice. What interested me most in my dream was that the words peace and security circulated together along with justice. The three were as one, there would be no peace or security without justice.

Listen, I don’t have a political agenda, I’m not an American, I’m Australian, though my husband and I love America with all of our hearts, having lived there and traveled there often and feel called to pray for her. I realize the muddiness and murkiness involving this election and the two Presidential Candidates; I recognize their evident human natures and shortcomings on display for the world. I see the uproar amongst the church in debate between the two, but if I could just pull you back from your own agendas for a moment, even your own conclusions and have you ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you a clear and direct picture; Who of the two candidates is holding the red baton? And who is holding the blue? Again, I have no political agenda other than to see God’s justice displayed, for America and for her people. Why? From a young age, God has called me to speak for justice and I can not remain silent.

I may not have a large influence, but I do have a voice and I know that I must speak up, at whatever cost. I hear the whimpers of children, unborn children, crying, screaming and wailing as their lives are taken from them in brutality with no one to stop their torture. Their blood is crying out and the church can no longer wash their hands clean of them. These are human beings, created in secret and destroyed in secret. You may not be able to hear them, but the Father does, He sees every innocent life taken and He is calling you and I in this hour to rise up and step up. Innocent lives imprinted with purpose and marked with a destiny to carry out here on the earth. Abortion alone is without a doubt the largest holocaust our generation has ever seen, and we cannot continue bowing to the lies of the enemy. We MUST move and ACT upon this injustice and cry out JUSTICE, we must MOVE together towards the finish line holding our batons, leaving not one life behind, including those of the unborn. I am well aware that there are other major issues that America is facing right now, but this holocaust of the unborn must be addressed. No other issue in America is taking American lives as rapidly and vastly as abortion. Approximately 1.2 million BABIES die each and every year in the U.S Alone from abortion, or 2716 just TODAY! To put that in perspective, the 9/11 attacks claimed the lives of 2996 people.

I see that the enemy has created a storm in the final hours of this election to distract people away from what is truly at hand, in every attempt to overshadow and confuse peoples thoughts, in particular the sons and daughters of God. He has clouded them with questions over the candidates personalities and shortcomings, but lets be honest here… both of them are flawed humans. But only one of the candidates carries the baton of justice. God is not sending His judgment to the U.S, He is sending His love and justice – through you and your authority.

2 Corinthians 10:4 tells us;  The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.’

I pray that you will pick up the baton that symbolizes justice, peace and security in this hour. I pray that you will see past the media propaganda and silence the fear in your heart and mind to see that your role in this election is greater than you may realize and reaches further than just yourself. Perhaps only the effects will be felt in eternity where you may very well meet the lives of those who were given the opportunity to be born, when otherwise they may have been disregarded and cast off to die while yet in their mothers womb. Whether you are American or not, I pray that you will intercede for this great country. Pray to see this holocaust finally overturned and to see peace reinstated where it has been disrupted for so long. With justice, comes peace. For in protecting the lives of those with no voice, you are protecting the heart and values of your nation, peace will be the umpire for the generations to come.

Proverbs 29:4 “By justice a king gives a country stability, but those who are greedy for bribes tear it down”

Isaiah 1:17 “Learn to do good, seek justice, rebuke the ruthless, defend the fatherless,
plead for the rights of the widow”