I see a company of daughters who have been stuck and beat down in the trenches of battle. They have been held back, pushed down and told to stay quiet. They have been overlooked, deemed unworthy and judged. They have been caught in the middle of the crossfire, seemingly trapped in the ditches and constrained by the enemy...


I believe the enemy’s strategy this year has been to wear down the people of God with unexpected frustrations, distractions, and setbacks. Satan’s intent has been to confuse the pathway ahead and create disappointment over the promises God has given His people for this year.


I heard the Father speak to me in my sleep this morning and I woke up with His words burning in my spirit and on my heart. He said, "You are not under the microscope or going backward as it may feel, I am bringing the impurities to the surface because you are being PURIFIED and PREPARED to PROPEL FORWARD.” I have personally undergone an intense few weeks where it has felt as though every aspect of my life was under a giant microscope and for a moment it felt as though previous issues that I have dealt with in my life were resurfacing or being exposed and in some senses, I feared as though I was going backwards. When I woke up, I immediately knew that many were feeling exactly the same way and maybe this resonates with you today...

America, the bells of RESTORATION are RINGING

I recently had an incredible dream that I have sensed an urgency to share. I have sat with the Holy Spirit about the interpretation of this dream for a number of days now and have also sought the counsel of trusted prophetic voices. I believe that this dream is a blueprint of a new sound that the Holy Spirit is releasing across America and I feel this is very significant for the door of destiny that the body of Christ is walking over the threshold of.

The missing puzzle pieces of the United States are coming together.

I believe the Father is piecing together the missing pieces in the United States right now. There is a lot of muck and mess coming to the surface, and by all outward appearances, it could seem that situations are dire and broken, like a broken or unfinished puzzle. However, I hear the Father saying: "Look beyond what you see with your natural eyes. Turn your eyes and ears aside from the noise and lies of the media and work with me as I use you to locate the missing pieces.'


Many have been in a cloud of confusion as the enemy has been in a strategic war against the purposes of God over His children. A manipulative fog of chaos has been sent to confuse you and have you question Gods purposes for your life and what He has put on your heart. This distraction has been subtle, disguised through fear of man, chaotic and unusual circumstances, hesitation and discouragement, the enemy would have you first question if you have been hearing from God with the intention to have you then turn back and abort the Fathers plans for your life. Do NOT entertain these lies.


Have you felt as though you have been easily DISTRACTED from your PURPOSE and VISION? Have you felt WORN OUT and BEAT DOWN in recent months? You started off the year strong but somewhere along the way it felt as though the wind was knocked from you, either through circumstances or you just feel plain weary and exhausted with no explanation why?


I recently saw a vision in my prayer time of boomerangs flying back and forth between Australia and the United States of America. In the last week I saw yet another vision that expanded on the first. I saw the children of God who belonged to Australia, standing on the shorelines of our nation here, they were standing shoulder to shoulder, arms linked as the waves lapped at their feet and in their hands they each held a boomerang. 

Christy Johnston

I sense a heightened increase in angelic activity to answer the prayers of those praying for their loved ones who are yet to come to Jesus. I hear the Father saying, 'do not lose hope when it looks the darkest or when it looks impossible, press in and don't grow weary in praying for them.

Christy Johnston
The awaiting Promise

I see the Father holding your promise, like liquid it sits content, but momentarily motionless, in the palm of His hands. The Father hears and sees the longings of your heart and the secret petitions that you cry to Him for, these desires are one and the same as His promises to you. He hears the deep yearnings stored up inside you and He is not ignorant to your innermost cries.

An invitation to the Secret Garden

An invitation is in your hands right now, inviting you to a secret garden. This garden is a place where fear is obliterated and peace abides. Peace is the atmosphere here, it permeates and runs through every fiber of air, it is the very substance of life. Joy spills through the very scent of surrounding flowers and their vibrant colors are speckled with gold. A place where everything flourishes and creativity abounds....


The daughters of righteousness will break the chains of abortion and slavery, the very weapons that have been used against them, for they are anointed to be mighty on the earth. Secure in their own worth, knowing they are valued far above rubies for they hide themselves in Jesus, they will in turn release other women from the chains of lies and unveil them into their truth worth and destiny in HIM.

Christy Johnston
Watch in 2017 as His new wine pours out in greater measure

While we have seen many revivals break out throughout the ages, I believe that as many of the greats have prophesied, that we are on the precipice or threshold of the greatest revival we have ever seen. I can't tell you a timeframe, but I know it is very close. I see that we are beginning to drink of this fermented wine of His Spirit and what we are about to partake of has been saved as the best for last. 

Nate Johnston
You are not a misfit, you have been fitted with NEW wings!

As I was in worship last night, I perceived a vision of a large group of people who were standing in the middle of a vastly flat plain, it was so vast I could not see anything beyond the horizon and from my perspective, it looked exactly the same no matter which way I turned. I sensed these people here were in a state of confusion, their faces told the story of frustration and agitation as they rubbed their foreheads looking around at the seemingly endless plains that surrounded them, I sensed their anguish of feeling lost. They were asking God, “Which way do I go next? 

There is no grid for me, where do I walk?”